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Ernestas Sadau - "About Lucifer"

01| Desiderii Margiris – Deadbeat 1
02| Bad Sector – Track 10
03| Dimeth Trip – Tilia
04| Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – 1996 Chronicles
05| Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.I
06| Maldur Atai – Let’s play no rules
07| Converter – Down Here
08| Vasha Dai – Apie Liuciferi 8 dalis (About Lucifer, part 8)

Musician from twilight. Sounds from Tartarus don’t mean darkness in music – it is like a protest against tiring light of horizon.

Ernestas Sadaunikas assembles spacious, thrilling works and sets them like a prose. There is left a lot of space for creativity and everyone will find his own interpretation. For this reason it is very difficult to put this compilation into frame. Drone, industrial and experimental sounds are intertwined. Designed open space is flowing so far away that even subconsciousness is powerless to understand it destination.

It is a dark hobbyhorse for night-birds.

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