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Anduin - Stolen Years

Jonathan Lee, better known as Anduin, is Richmond, VA (United States) based musician and installation artist. He also owns a record label “SMTG Limited” and participates in “Souvenir’s Young America” band as a keyboardist and sound programmer. Anduin has worked with Jasper TX, James Plotkin, Svarte Greiner (Erik K. Skodvin), Stephen Vitiello and after releasing five quality based ambient, experimental and electronic style albums, now he definitely carries a considerable baggage of musical knowledge.

“Stolen Years” is a forthcoming intellectual music album, which will be released as LP+CD+Prints, CD+Prints and digitally by SMTG Limited. Pre-order starts in 27th of March, 2012. It consists of 8 cosily stimulating compositions, flawlessly mastered by the experienced audio engineer and sound artist Lawrence English. Album features jazz musician Jimmy Ghaphery on saxophone and flute, also percussion on “A Great Canopy of Smoke” by Keegan Lee. Extensive hand-drawn, hand-screened artwork is made by Team Eight. The basis of the album is standing on the chivalrous whirling atmospheres which are filled with warm live recorded sounds and gracefully programmed musical effects. The important role is given to the lower resonant cathedral type of sound musical textures which frequently transform into upper melodic layers. The sequence of compositions are so perfectly crafted that listener can fully empathize into author’s created smooth mood which also reflect the author’s growth in musical producing knowledge after last album “Abandoned In Sleep”. Clearly balanced sound levels between each sound create solid hall effect, every rustle is heard in it and that proves Jonathan’s progression in music creating.

“Stolen Years” is like late evening healthy dinner with close friends near the harmonious ocean where purple velvet waves calmly washes sparkling pebbles and the full moon supernaturally shines.

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