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Secret Thirteen Mix 124 - HIV+

The author of the mix is Pedro Peñas y Robles (b. 1968), known as HIV+ (Harsh Industrial Virus Positive), a Franco-spanish artist, DJ and musician based in Murcia, Spain. Pedro’s musical path to frozen and somber sound began in France. He has been exploring wider regions of Industrial and EBM music since the late 1980s. For over than a decade Pedro was DJing in various underground Dark/Gothic events in Southern France and consolidated his career at Trolleybus of Marseille in … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 123 - EVOL

The authors of the mix are Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp, two creative individuals, exceptional sound sculptors and musical innovators often described as “artists’ artists”. EVOL project was started in the late 1990s and progressively became a synonym for what we could call a “forward-thinking computer composition”. The duo says that they make computer music for hooligans and deconstructed rave objects. Their music has been published by such record labels as Entr’acte, Editions Mego, Presto!?, and their … More

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Essential guidelines of how to write a friendly promo letter

Establishing a good communication between underground media outlets and up-and-coming artists is not always an easy task. Secret Thirteen identified essential points for making things smoother Secret 13 as well as numerous other magazines and blogs around the globe gets hundreds of promotional messages and this is not quite surprising. Technology has developed in the last decades and it is not complicated to record or create music, because all the music making tools could be downloaded to even the smallest … More

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Berlin Atonal - Shimmering Sonic Depths In The Cutting Edge Industrial Surroundings

Between 20th and 25th of August all the signs will lead to Kraftwerk Berlin, a former power station, where the 5-day immersion into complex and modern audiovisual depths awaits. The forward-thinking Berlin Atonal festival started in 1982 will offer conceptual performances by different generation artists to strengthen visitors’ musical sophistication and intentions even more. This architectural monument will host every performance, installation, seminar, workshop and aftershow party in the Berlin Atonal program. Everyone could imagine how many powerful electromagnetic waves … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 122 - DJ Skirt

The author of the mix is Bethany DeMoss, publicly known as Skirt, an American DJ and electronic music artist, residing in Birmingham for over a decade. Bethany began her prolific DJ career in the late 1990s after she bought her first turntables. She has been mixing vinyl ever since, have played records in many notable places all over the UK and internationally. Tokyo, Berlin, Athens, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dublin, Amsterdam are only few cities to mention where DeMoss turned the crowd … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - CoH

Processing the dreams – the interview with COH COH (pronounced as “son”) has two different meaning in Russian language. It means “dream” and “sleep” at the same time. The relation between these two notions reflects the variety of the world of Ivan Pavlov, the man behind this legendary moniker. In his vast discography Ivan explored various interesting uncharted territories of sonic fields ranging from sophisticated voice manipulations to playful analog experiments with rhythms and moods, thus creating a separate and … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 121 - Higher Intelligence Agency

The author of the mix is Bobby Bird, widely recognizable because of his Higher Intelligence Agency project. HIA was formed in 1992, at the same time when he and some fellow electronic music enthusiasts started up a legendary experimental electronic music club Oscillate in Birmingham. In these early days at Oscillate, Bobby has brought along various bits of kit from his home studio and started experimenting with it in a live setting, mixing in live tracks among vinyl records. This … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Bill Kouligas

Bill Kouligas has the rare privilege of being able to say he has never put out an uninteresting record. His PAN label has been at the forefront of the musical avant-garde for several years now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Kouligas single handedly organized the extremely successful PAN_ACT festival in NYC last summer, presenting a wide range of artists from Terrance Dixon to Catherine Christer Hennix to Rashad Becker. Every piece of music the label releases … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 120 - Drøp

The author of the mix is Giuseppe Bifulco, known as Drøp, an uprising Italian sound designer and engineer based in Berlin. Bifulco started his magnetic Drøp project in 2010 giving an enormous importance to sound investigation. By incorporating his technical knowledge, gained while studying music technology in Rome, and innovative ideas, Bifulco teleports his complex compositions into a parallel dimension where sound effectively penetrates extreme listeners’ subconsciousness and indirectly presents the multiplex matrix of our chaotic nature. Drøp’s first record … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Rrose

Reflecting Duchamp with the sounds of techno – an interview with Rrose Rrose revived the famous Marcel Duchamp persona/alter ego and transferred it to the context of the 21st century. Rrose’s language is the dark, intense and monolith techno full of unexpected excursions into industrial areas. His sound mixes dark and raw atmospherics with concrete and hypnotic rhythmic patterns thus providing a coherent journey into surreal depths. Rrose does not talk much and his interviews are very rare. However the … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 119 - AutopsiA

AutopsiA is an art project dealing with music and visual production. AutopsiA gathers authors of different professions in realization of multimedia projects. Its art practice began in London in the late 1970s and continued during the 1980s in the art centers of former Yugoslavia. Since 1990 AutopsiA has been acting from Prague, Czech Republic. At the beginning of its activity, AutopsiA has issued dozens of MCs. In the period after 1989, twenty CDs were issued, at first for Staalplaat from … More