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Drøp - Vasundhara EP - Arboretum

This spring is a really fruitful season for electronic music lovers and especially for sound experimentation fans. The last example of a brilliant offering is Drøp’s “Vasundhara EP”. Giuseppe Bifulco, who is the artist behind the moniker, has managed to create a disturbing and exciting work. The four-track EP will see the light on the 23rd of April in both digital format and vinyl. Also it will be released by Arboretum – a collaborative project rooted in Berlin and active … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 110 - Black To Comm

The author of the mix is Marc Richter, publicly known as Black To Comm, a German musician and curator based in Hamburg. His alias was inspired by MC5 band’s track “Black To Comm”, although Richter is not representing their ideology, only their spirit. From his childhood Richter felt that the music was inside him, floated in the air and it was only a matter of time when it reincarnates. Richter started recording and releasing records in 2003. In more than … More

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Blitzkrieg Baby ‎– Kids' World EP - Beläten

After publishing their acclaimed first album “Porcus Norvegicus” on Neuropa, Blitzkrieg Baby, the band led by Kim Sølve (K100, Swarms, M…), has a brand new second work. “Kids’ World EP”, which was released by a Swedish label Beläten last February in C40 cassette and digital formats, is an EP which actually consists of 9 tracks and lasts around 40 minutes and full of thick industrial atmospheres, brutality and anxiety. The album has been released as an EP due to the … More

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Secret Thirteen Guide 009 - Graphplan

The fourth winner of “The Guide 2” competition is Krisztian Vasas also known as Graphplan, a Serbian musician, sound artist and an avid music collector which lives and studies in Subotica. He grew up listening to black metal bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc. This rebellious era had a huge impact on him as a teenager and now because the harsh music is his source of inspiration. Later he discovered contemporary electronic music and gradually immersed into more complex, diverse sounds … More

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Plebeian Grandstand - Lowgazers - Throatruiner Records

Heavy metal is a vast and diverse world. A huge family tree with multiple branches, among which maybe black metal shall be one of the most radical, underground and experimental. Although this genre has always been closely linked to Scandinavian bands, like Mayhem, Burzum or Dimmu Borgir, “Lowgazers” has been made in France. The album (LP/CD), which has been written and composed by Plebeian Grandstand, will be released by Throatruiner Records (Cassette edition by BLWBCK) on 31 March. Since their … More

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Secret Thirteen Guide 008 - Nikita Manin

The third winner of “The Guide 2” competition is a passionate music collector Nikita Manin. Born in Tajikistan, he moved to Moscow together with his family in his teenage years for a better future. He has been involved into music since his early days when his mother brought him a collection of rap music cassettes from the USA. After moving to Russia Manin started to discover artists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Flying Lotus and others. Gradually his musical horizons … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Atom™

Independence through isolation – the interview with Atom™ Uwe Schimdt – the man behind Atom™ moniker – operates within a wide range of musical narratives expressed by various eclectic guises. They guide us through the variety of spatial, geographical and temporal episodes of music history. Latin infused cover project Señor Coconut, the futuristic hazy downtempo/electro-jazz of Flanger (Uwe’s collaboration with Burnt Friedman), the beautiful and monolithic classicism of Schubert referencing Atom™ album “Winterreise” (not to mention many other works under … More

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Secret Thirteen Guide 007 - Andrei Tanasescu

The second winner of “The Guide 2” competition is Andrei Tanasescu, a Romanian curator and die-hard record collector based in Toronto, Canada. Tanasescu migrated to Canada in 1994 after having spent his early childhood collecting cassette tapes in Bucharest and rifling through his father’s vinyl collection. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Specialist degree in Film Studies he co-founded the Toronto-Romanian Film Festival – now at its fifth edition. He joined the programming team at the Toronto … More

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Secret Thirteen Guide 006 - Ruben Aguirre Barba

The first winner of “The Guide 2” competition is Ruben Aguirre Barba (b. 1979), publicly known as manwithnophase, a Mexican sound designer, editor and absolute music lover. In his teenage days inspired by The Cure, Ministry, New Order, NIN, Pixies, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode, The Orb, Front 242, FSOL and many other bands, mostly related to industrial music, Barba gradually developed his mature musical taste. After graduating in computer science and electronics in Guadalajara (2002) Barba decided to continue … More

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ÄÄNIPÄÄ ‎– Through A Pre-Memory - Editions Mego

Mika Vainio (read Secret Thirteen interview here) and Stephen O’Malley are seminal figures of contemporary underground music. The former, also known as Ø, was part of Finnish influential act Pan Sonic, while the latter is the strongman in American doom metal band SUNN O))). This time, both joined forces in the astonishing and extremely radical project ÄÄNIPÄÄÄ. Their first try “Through A Pre-Memory” released in Novembet of 2013 by Editions Mego is a doom masterpiece and, hopefully, represents the beginning … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Robert Henke (Monolake)

Chasing ghosts in the machines – the exclusive interview with Robert Henke Robert Henke is a man who probably needs no introduction. His art merges two separate, sometimes even conflicting concepts – technology and emotion. Being a renowned sound engineer and software architect introducing cutting-edge concepts, he is also the man behind the Monolake project, which mesmerized many sonic travelers with its cold, intense and futuristic musical narratives of unexplored spaces and forms, where ghost chasing takes place in polygon … More

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Secret Thirteen Spotlight - Discrepant

Discrepant is a gradually evolving kaleidoscopic record label based in London, UK. It spontaneously emerged in 2011 in order to present a diverse and exotic musical collisions between different cultures and composing methods. Kink Gong’s music inspired by South East Asian traditions or more psychedelic and aerial Cédric Stevens’ pieces are good examples of the label’s broad musical ideology. Having chosen a vinyl format as primary and recently started cassette series, Discrepant is progressively becoming a true lighthouse for those … More