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Black To Comm - The Alphabet 1968

Black To Comm is the solo project of Marc Richter. His album “Alphabet 1968” that was released in Type record company two years ago (2009) disclosed the source of eternity as a result of its unique combination of dark ambient, experimental and left-field styles. Joanna Karanka (piano, vocal) and Renate Nikolaus (guitar, cello) gave their contribution to this masterpiece also.

The base is constructed of waving atmospheres that create the feeling of loftiness. While the strange warmness of the whole album is brought by nostalgic, in some places broken but perfectly looped beats of piano, the mystic spice of ritual is injected by whispers and unstructured reversed vocal. The ability of artist not to limit himself in one musical style is unfolded by sharp, like from horror films cellos that give perplexing vitality to the whole. One is definitely forced to believe that this music will be relevant even after 20 years because of such unrestricted academic construction of the album.


Generally, it is black-and-white masterpiece that is worth to be read in the raw autumn.

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