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Tacita Dean - Processing The Film

In one of his books, sociologist Zygmunt Bauman noted that the modern world is now suggesting to people a paradise on earth, rather than that fictional, which in bygone times was proclaimed to be achievable only in the afterlife. The diversity of human beings is the reason for the infinite varieties of perceptions, ideas, intrinsic measures of the quality of life, and the dissimilar kinds of a Garden of Earthly Delights. In order to pursue this value, people tend to … More

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Drøp - Vasundhara EP - Arboretum

This spring is a really fruitful season for electronic music lovers and especially for sound experimentation fans. The last example of a brilliant offering is Drøp’s “Vasundhara EP”. Giuseppe Bifulco, who is the artist behind the moniker, has managed to create a disturbing and exciting work. The four-track EP will see the light on the 23rd of April in both digital format and vinyl. Also it will be released by Arboretum – a collaborative project rooted in Berlin and active … More

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Blitzkrieg Baby ‎– Kids' World EP - Beläten

After publishing their acclaimed first album “Porcus Norvegicus” on Neuropa, Blitzkrieg Baby, the band led by Kim Sølve (K100, Swarms, M…), has a brand new second work. “Kids’ World EP”, which was released by a Swedish label Beläten last February in C40 cassette and digital formats, is an EP which actually consists of 9 tracks and lasts around 40 minutes and full of thick industrial atmospheres, brutality and anxiety. The album has been released as an EP due to the … More

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Evol - Proper Headshrinker - Editions Mego

Evol’s Proper Headshrinker (2013): a call for its (re)consideration Evol is a project helmed primarily by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, joined at different times by a few other people. The “authorship” is blurry—clearly something they want to play with. Their 2013 album for Editions Mego, Proper Headshrinker, was one of the most compelling, genuinely unique albums of the year. It features Jiménez de Cisneros joined by Stephen Sharp for 30 disorientingly loud minutes of looped sequencing, produced with computer-controlled synthesis … More

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Plebeian Grandstand - Lowgazers - Throatruiner Records

Heavy metal is a vast and diverse world. A huge family tree with multiple branches, among which maybe black metal shall be one of the most radical, underground and experimental. Although this genre has always been closely linked to Scandinavian bands, like Mayhem, Burzum or Dimmu Borgir, “Lowgazers” has been made in France. The album (LP/CD), which has been written and composed by Plebeian Grandstand, will be released by Throatruiner Records (Cassette edition by BLWBCK) on 31 March. Since their … More

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ÄÄNIPÄÄ ‎– Through A Pre-Memory - Editions Mego

Mika Vainio (read Secret Thirteen interview here) and Stephen O’Malley are seminal figures of contemporary underground music. The former, also known as Ø, was part of Finnish influential act Pan Sonic, while the latter is the strongman in American doom metal band SUNN O))). This time, both joined forces in the astonishing and extremely radical project ÄÄNIPÄÄÄ. Their first try “Through A Pre-Memory” released in Novembet of 2013 by Editions Mego is a doom masterpiece and, hopefully, represents the beginning … More

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Dscrd - Panopticon EP - Dement3d

The boys from Paris are back in town. “Panopticon EP” is the last -to date- EP that Dscrd, a.k.a. Discordance, has given birth to. March is the month chosen for this superb work to see the light. It will be released in vinyl and digital format by French label DEMENT3D, their first “home”. However, this return does not necessarily mean a back-to-roots approach. Instead, it appears to be a step forward in their creative process and a profound dive into … More

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Pan Sonic - Oksastus - Kvitnu

Four years have passed since Pan Sonic issued their last work, “Gravitoni”. That was in 2010, the year when they split up. Since then, much has been discussed about a new issue and many have been stoically awaiting new stuff. Now this duo’s fans should be pleased that rumours have become true. Ukrainian label Kvitnu has the honour of releasing these two musicians’ new album on February 20. “Oksastus”, which is the Finnish word for the process of grafting and … More

Sturqen - Neophobia - Kvitnu - 2013 © 2014 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Sturqen - Neophobia - Kvitnu

It can sound familiar: two art students join forces to create experimental music. Sturqen, who have already made a mixtape for Secret Thirteen, are a duo based in Porto, consisting of César Rodrigues and David Arantes. The act came into being in 2009. Since then, they have been gradually improving their craft, and the latest result of their monumental effort is entitled “Neophobia”. The album was released by Ukrainian label Kvitnu in the spring of 2013, but potential listeners should … More

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Lustmord - Things That Were - Vinyl-on-demand

The British scene has an established tradition of dark, avant-garde and experimental industrial music, and “Things That Were” is one of those jewels that first grew in the UK in late 70s and 80s. With this album (3xLP box set), released by Vinyl-on-demand, Brian Williams a.k.a. Lustmord, dives into his true and fundamental nature. Highly influenced by other contemporary acts, such as Brits Throbbing Gristle or Aussies SPK, with whom Lustmord himself collaborated as one of their multiple floating members, … More

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15 Prominent Reissues of 2013

Nyoman Masriadi. Wind from the Back, 2011. Every year emerging new technologies allow us to dig deeper and deeper into the vaults of the past. Retrospectivity (or retromania as Simon Reynold puts it) has become an essential feature of the current and last decades as we have so many unexplored histories and perspectives, cultures and points of view (especially of non-Western background). 2013 was no different in this sense and provided us with some excellent additions to expanding archives. Not … More

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30 Prominent Records of 2013

James Nares – Roads, 2013. On the verge of beauty and harshness – 30 most memorable sonic journeys of 2013 At the end of every year we see the ongoing fuss of best-of lists. Retrospective listing seems to be quite a long-lasting tradition among music journalists and even somehow inherent in the nature of human kind. However, it is getting more and more complicated due to the increasingly ambiguous nature of coherent piece of art, in this case, an album. … More