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Expo '70 - Journey Through Astral Projection

Expo ’70 – Journey Through Astral Projection *album preview at experimedia

Justin Wright, working under pseudonym Expo 70′, is a musician who is mostly associated with modern Drone, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental musical styles. Starting his career in 2005, these days he had released more than 40 albums, EPS, singles and collaborative projects in such music records companies like Kill Shaman, Beta-lactam Ring, Peasant Magik, Aguirre, and Wright’s own Sonic Meditations. By expanding his qualified productivity and individual musical tendencies Expo 70′ name has become a major figure in the alternative music scene.

“Journey Through Astral Projection” is a prolific studio album which consists of 4 matured transcendental compositions released on Immune Recordings. Album features Justin Wright on guitar, Realistic Moog and Crumar and collaborator Matt Hill (Umberto) on bass, analog drum machine, Crumar and Korg. Recorded at Black Dirt Studios by Jason Meagher. The CD is presented in a heavy stock 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package limited to only 500 copies. The substructure is based on the delayed guitars riffs that drift beside intuitively deformed static atmospheres. Expressively improvised compositions full of grueling dissonance, innovative instrument employment and ingeniously programed devices effects. Accurately changing humming guitars, organs, synthesizer intention and trajectories in each work ultimately adapts the idea of intergalactic space voyage. Impressive eclectic experiments with percussions and variable rustles, bleep effects brings inspiring hypnotic listening confusion. It all follows after the memorable album “Where Does Your Mind Go?” (Immune 011, Nov 2010) which was firstly released from the whole live recording session.

“Journey Through Astral Projection” is like a strobe in the far distances which captures the planet movement, it’s like imagination what is like to be extraordinary than a human and to do crazy things in the outer space.

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