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Gescom – Gescom E.P.

Gescom is a musical platform (group) which releases broken electronic music productions from 1994. These productions are created by distinct artists associations made from Andy Maddocks, Darrell Fitton, Mike Williamson, Rob Brown, Rob Hall, Russell Haswell and Sean Booth inter-collaboration.

“Gescom E.P.” was released in 1994 in the “Skam” record company. It is composed of four works that was created using analog hardware.


“Dan One” is the most rhythmical work in this release. It is distinguished for industrial type percussion with noise on it. Sulky monotony that is mixed with sharp sounds of synthesizers forces to imagine abandoned factories and to feel its aura. Next gig named “Five” is work that analyzes new spaces. Ambient is crossing stratosphere with delaying sounds and hypnotic echo snares. Its a technical work where every sound is blowing in different trajectories but in the end they compound entirety. That is the beauty of this music. “Cicade” is the most calm work from all. Light atmospheres are mixed with high strings of monotonic melody that evokes dreamy imaginations. Smooth drums are pulsating slowly while they become a part of broken rhythms which are decorating every glitch differently. And all this is made in the frame of beat. The last track is “Sciew Spoc”. The basics of this work are rising massive atmospheres, light melodies of synthesizers and low rate percussion. The feeling of space exploration is made by subtle incorporation of Space Station recordings in the shifting whole.


“Gascom E.P.” is high edition which will bring you to the golden times of IDM that will never be forgotten.

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