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A genious graphic designer Irma Boom

Irma Boom is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer who specializes in book making. She has received many awards for her book designs and is famous for becoming the youngest-ever laureate to receive the prestigious Gutenberg prize for her complete oeuvre. Her creative and intellectual processes are highlighted in the New York MoMA which now has 50 of her books in its permanent collection.

Irma Boom founded Irma Boom Office in 1991, which works nationally and internationally in both the cultural and commercial sectors. Some of her clients include the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Paul Fentener van Vlissingen, Boijmans Van Beuningen, Zumtobel, Ferrari, Vitra International, N Ai Publishers, and Camper.

This short video, directed by Noud Holtman, perfectly presents Boom as a genius designer. She sees books as an objects that communicate ideas, stories and speak to all human senses. While most designers value one-off things, Boom sees books as needed to be spread in the world in multiple because they are simply a mean of spreading information.

Irma’s Boom statement that “a book which has been made by hand showing traces of handicraft is disgusting” perfectly presents her perfectionist and different outlook on things that are seen valuable in nowadays society. The fact that Irma’s Boom “Think book” for a giant coal company has become an international icon of Dutch design confirms that different approach to goodness of things does make a revolution.

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