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Ilyas Ahmed - With Endless Fire

Ilyas Ahmed – With Endless Fire *album preview at experimedia

Ilyas Ahmed (born 1974, Pakistan) is a distinctive one man band, formed in 2005, United States. Consistently working with the respectable labels such as Time-Lag Records, Immune, Root Strata and Digitalis Recordings, Ilyas has gently emerged into intellectual audience globally. He has collaborated with such artists like Liz Harris (known as Grouper) and guitar virtuoso Steve Gunn. At the year of 2012 Ilyas had more than 10 official releases (CD,LP) that proves his productiveness.

“With Endless Fire” is a noticeable album which consists of 7 breathtaking compositions. Released as a high-quality press vinyl and limited to 150 cassette editions by Immune Recordings. Associated to Folk, Experimental musical styles, the album reveals wider spectrum of consonances which can be heard: blurred textures of eternal drone, ambient and post-rock fragments. Written, performed and recorded directly to the analog tape. Whirling guitar riffs constantly floating in the main upper musical layer forms the basis of composition. By using thoughtful balanced devices’ effects and merging his subtle distorted, drowned unmistakable vocals, Ilyas brings peculiar vitality and reveals pleasant depression which perfectly fits to the wholeness aura. Ilyas surely can be described as a skillful multi-instrumentalist. In all shows he demonstrates flexibility in using various electronic devices, electronic and acoustic guitars, programed sounds.

“With Endless Fire” is like exploring miracles of nature and founding marvelous beauty, exciting horizons in a new perspective view that imprints into the memory till the end of existence, it’s more than the feelings; it’s invaluable emotive inspiration.

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Ilyas Ahmed:

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