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Jon Porras - Black Mesa

Jon Porras, also known as Elm, is a guitar performer from San Francisco, United States. While exploring specific sounding identity as a solo musician, Jon participates in a fatalistic rock band called Barn Owl, also in musical projects like Gärden Söund and Hanging Thief. He has released four records on labels such as Root Strata, Not Not Fun Records, Digitalis and now Jon is ready to deliver his latest chef-d’oeuvre.

“Black Mesa” is a forthcoming album which will be released as a CD, 12” Vinyl LP and digitally by Thrill Jockey on the 17th of April, 2012. The whole work consists of 7 transcendental and airy compositions which were polished and recorded in ten months in an intimate home musical workshop, refusing concentrated time frame in studio. The basis of the album stands on the electric guitar riffs which are combined with accurately used device effects – it creates enchanting cathedral ambience. In the background floating looped delay atmospheres gradually saturated with emotionally arranged and improvised guitar layer notes involve listener in the melancholic mood. Fused motives of Sandy Bull, Popol Vuh and Neil Young reincarnate into distinctive contemporary ethereal ambient, drone sounding, also clearly reveal Jon’s inspirers and musical developing direction.

“Black Mesa” is like a solitary intergalactic voyager which is lost in the spacetime and inland thoughts, desperately searching for familiar soul among the billion constellations.

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