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La chambre des machines

La chambre des machines (The Mechanical Room) is a performance duo, formed by Montreal – based artist duo Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier. Their oneness is in the use of grandiose retro – style machines of which majority is conceived by Quebecois designer Alexandre Laundry.

Italian futurist, Luigi Russolo, who at the beginning of the 1900s invented a family of instruments known as the intonarumor, has inspired La chambre des machines. The sound is amplified through microcontacts and is processed through computers. This allows artists to control the sound by tailor-made processing software. This parallel between the analogue and the digital stimulates artists’ philosophy, which drove them to start producing work together.

As La chambre des machines’s once has said, their creativity is stimulated by a desire to transfer digital creation into the physical world. No doubt, the idea has succeeded.

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