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Secret Thirteen Interview – Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)

Bartosz Dziadosz (born 1983) is a Polish contemporary musician, producer and performer based in Warsaw who reveals his talent under Pleq pseudonym. By connecting ambient, glitch, field recording and modern classic music elements, Pleq extracts his sincere and sometimes melancholic individuality. Bartosz completed philosophy studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice and no doubt this strengthens and emphasizes his music. Bartosz’s music can be recognized from carefully synthesized single glitch sounds, suddenly appeared piano and violin fragments, cinematographic ambience and continuous musical intention. Bartosz has released an enviable amount of records in the last five years and was active on such labels as U-Cover, Progressive Form, Mille Plateaux, Rural Colors and many others. He also expands his audience and musical production knowledge by collaborating with Japan artists such as Marihiko Hara and Hiroki Sasajima, also Europeans Spheruleus or Lauki. Bartosz is an active person in a field of culture and on a virtual surface also.

Interview with Bartosz Dziadosz:

Satisfaction - I am convinced that I will get fully satisfied after my death. Will my theory confirm?

Energy - Coffee and cigarettes – that’s how I start my day.

Creator - It must be some higher power, but I am not precising it. It is something that moved the universe, and that is the thing that distinguishes it from the others.

Reason - I was always fascinated with abstraction and experiments, something that would help me to express myself. After I graduated Philosophy I wanted to put philosophical concepts into particular sounds.

Encouragement - That is the woman of my life Nike Warszawska and my beloved dog Grubcjusz.

Theory - I know it may sound depressing, but I know, that human will achieve complete happiness after death.

Talisman - My talisman are my two tattoos, they look like stigmata – black dot on my right hand and red on the left one. My girlfriend also got them, just the colors are opposite.

Hope - I expect it to give me more opportunities to develop and let me drive towards perfection.

Invention - The biggest invention of the whole humanity was the wheel.

Remembrance - 11th September 2001 – the attack on World Trade Center.

Totem - My dog who is an absolute projection of my melancholic personality.

Existence - Human existence should be based on words – Carpe Noctem.

Effectiveness - At night, of course. Night gives me a wide range of possibilities. Calm, order, harmony and last but not least: silence. It is the time when I can fully focus on a sound. Therefore I mostly sleep during the day.

Necessity - I cannot imagine life without creating music, cigarettes, My Woman Nike Warszawska and dear dog – Grubcjusz.

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