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Secret Thirteen Mix 006 - Ersha

01. Daisuke Miyatani – Between A and B [Schole, 2007]
02. Goldmund – Havelock [Western Vinyl, 2011]
03. Larkian – The Astonishing Octave Switch [Cathedral Transmissions, 2010]
04. Ersha – Pulsar [Forthcoming release, 2012]
05. Ersha – Few Seconds Before Rain [Forthcoming release, 2012]
06. Irezumi – 4.Untitled [Snowblood, 2008]
07. Alva Noto – Stalker (For Andrei Tarkovsky) [Line, 2010]
08. Ersha – My Own Star [Forthcoming release, 2012]
09. Namlook – Pearl XXII [Fax +49-69/450464, 2009]
10. 36 – Geiga [3six Recordings, 2010]
11. Ersha – Sonar [Forthcoming release, 2012]
12. Ersha – Rising [Forthcoming release, 2012]
13. Offthesky and Pleq – Ashes Of American [Unreleased]
14. Vernon & Burns – What the Waves Were Always Saying [Mort Aux Vaches, 2010]
15. 36 – Equassa [3 Six Recordings, 2011]
16. Leighton Craig – Endeless Blue Sky [Room40, 2011]

“Secret Thirteen Mix 006” is a one hour sentimental ambience musical compilation consisting of a large part of authors’ forthcoming material which was never been published before and other thoughtful musicians works from around the globe.

The author of the mix is a ambient music creator and upholder Tadas Maksimovas, better known as Ersha, who now lives and produces in Lithuania. By analyzing and developing atmospheric sounds assigned to ambient, drone, abstract musical styles, he is carrying a considerable baggage of works ready to be officially released. Also together with Igoris Labanovas, better known as Igloo, they have a group called NOlogika and arrange live performances.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 006” is a touching musical selection which is full of cinematic type ambient music sounding. Inclusion of such creative artist as Alva Noto, Namlook, Larkian, Pleq lets expect quality and authenticity. By thoroughly choosing and mixing tracks, Ersha creates the significant wholeness which is carefully balancing between light and heavy musical textures. The main attention in the new perspective is paid to the roots of ambient music – extensive, sublime atmospheres. Convulsing melodies and sound effects in the background do not let to fall into monotonic mood; on the contrary, it evokes a spacious palette of listener’s musical senses.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 006” is like a Carlo Carrà’s painting “Funeral of the Anarchist Galli” where the darkest illusions of subconsciousness, cleaved by sun rays, lead into the new stage of life.

Photography by Eve Boltt

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