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Secret Thirteen Mix 012 - Leonardo Rosado

Secret Thirteen Mix 012 - Leonardo Rosado

“Secret Thirteen Mix 012” is a whispering musical compilation which consists of nine tracks released during the last half-year by the rising intellectual music artists that reflect current minimalistic and ambient movements in the intellectual underground music scene.

The author of the mix is Leonardo Rosado, also known as Subterminal (born 1975), Portuguese contemporary musician, poet, curator and active person in the field of culture in Lisbon. Leonardo has founded the notable FeedbackLoop netlabel, also he has recently presented his debut imprint Heart and Soul with the astonishing record “Mute Words” (a book of poetry and a music CD with collaborations with Alicia Merz (Birds Of Passage), Barbara De Dominicis and Michelle Seaman). Leonardo creates extraordinary masterworks associated with ambient, abstract and avant-garde music styles. He has released more than six individual records published on various labels including Denovali, Audio Gourmet, Rural Colours, Twisted Tree Line.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 012” is an accurate crafted music compilation with a fundamental substructure of cinematographic atmospheres. The transcendental music concept is developing slowly, thus there is enough time for absorption of every track and freedom of interpretation. The mixture of occasionally emerging gentle glitches, creative vocals and oscillating mesmerizing live recordings subtly enriches the wholeness. In the middle of the selection sublime ambience starts to float after the static emotive surface and this action detects that ethereal culmination of the compilation is widely convulsing till the end of chaotic and intense violin melodies. The long lasting finish with the heart touching lullaby and meditative melodies shows spiritual tranquility of the author.


Giorgio de Chirico. Mystery and Melancholy of a Street, 1914.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 012” is as surrealistic as Giorgio de Chirico‘s paintings – where time and space are drowned in the phantom and unexpected metaphysical perspective.


01. AGF – Emmissionsnebel in Brave New World released by FeedbackLoop
02. Vitor Joaquim – Slow Moments in Flow released by Crónica
03. Pascal Savy – Falling Inward in Liminal released by FeedbackLoop
04. Luca Nasciuti – Ivory in Temporali released by FeedbackLoop
05. Leonardo Rosado – Variation in White #1 previously unreleased
06. Saåad – Utopie (Jam XI) in Delayed Summer released by BLWBCK
07. Parallel 41 – III – the Naked City in Parallel 41 released by Baskaru
08. Birds of Passage – Away with the Night in Winter Lady released by Denovali
09. I’ve Lost – Por Mi Yovi previously unreleased

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