Photography by James Medcraft © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Super - Computer - Romantics

Photography by James Medcraft

Matt Pyke is an art director, animator and curator from United Kingdom who has founded a well-known multidisciplinary creative studio Universal Everything in 2004. After working with such clients like Apple, Manhattan Loft Corporation and Warp Records, he presented his brand-new exhibition “Super – Computer – Romantics” in 2011. In this exhibition there are shown 12 original works that were designed by Matt Pyke himself, his brother sound designer Simon Pyke, a French talents’ researcher Charlotte Léouzon and programmers Marcus and Vera from Germany.

“The Transfiguration” is one of the best works presented in “Super – Computer – Romantics”. In this work, a giant anthropomorphic creature unstoppably advances through the different states of matter while monotonically expressed musical sounds stress the inevitability of such alteration.

As Matt Pyke has stated, there is always a link back to the real world in their works. For this reason “Super – Computer – Romantics” and especially “The Transfiguration” is something that must be seen and felt but not talked about.

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