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Claire Falkenstein - Striking Structures of Every Medium

Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution Claire Falkenstein (1908 – 1997) was an American sculptor, painter, printmaker, jewelry designer and teacher, known for both abstract and functional works. Her first one-woman exhibition, at a San Francisco gallery was opened in 1930, before her graduation at University of California at Berkeley with a major in art and minors in anthropology and philosophy. Falkenstein continued her art education at Mills College, where she took a master class with Alexander Archipenko, and met … More

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Frank Stella - Innovator Of Modern Art

Frank Stella (born in 12th of May, 1936) is an Italian American painter and printmaker, noted for his work in the areas of minimalism and post – painterly abstraction. He can be identifiable for creating abstract paintings that bear no pictorial illusions or psychological or metaphysical references in twentieth – century painting. While attending Princeton University, where he met Darby Bannard and Michael Fried, he visited New York art galleries where he was influenced by the abstract expressionism of Jackson … More

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Kenneth Noland - American Color Field Painter

Kenneth Noland (1924 – 2010) was an American abstract painter, born in Asheville, North Carolina. He was one of the best-known American Color field painters, although he was thought of as an abstract expressionist in the 1950s and as a minimalist painter in the early 1960s. In 1949 he had his first solo exhibition in Paris. Noland was heavily influenced by Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Ossip Zadkine, Ilya Bolotowsky. In 1964 Noland occupied half the American pavilion at the Venice … More

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Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words

Leonardo Rosado, based in Lisbon, Portugal, also known as Subterminal, is a musician, FeedbackLoop label owner, poet and an active person in the field of culture. Recently started his career he has released more than six individual works on such record labels as Denovali, Test Tube. Associated with ambient, abstract and avant-garde musical styles, Leonardo creates extraordinary masterworks. “Mute Words” is a striking ambient album released on a debuting Rosado’s imprint Heart and Soul. CD includes eight lethargic compositions and … More

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Cezary Gapik - Contrast I & Vanishing

Cezary Gapik (also known as CEZAR) is a Polish performer of drone, abstract and experimental music. Affected of music creation in 1980 while being an animator of local punk rock bands, he studied the evolution of computer made music and right now he has released more than 30 individual works and assuredly stands among the Eastern European academic musicians. Cezary also participates in such bands as QG/GQ and Sub Spa where he expands his productivity and creativeness. “Contrast I” is … More

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Redubtor Podcast 13 : S13

Tracklist 01| Lustmord – Ash [2008, Hydra Head Records] 02| Kreng – Balkop [2011, Miasmah] 03| Lawrence English – Winter Sun [2005, Cajid Media] 04| Ulver – Theme 10 [2001, Jester Records] 05| Penumbra – Panaphonica [1999, Universal Egg] 06| Anduin – Autumn Looming [2009, SMTG Limited] 07| the_empath – Home & Dry [2006, Subroom Medialab] 08| Einóma – LF [2011, Shipwrec] 09| Bitstream – Astro Glide [2005, Touchin' Bass] 10| Speedy J – Drill [2000, NovaMute] 11| Flint Glass … More

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Organisms of Bernar Reyboz

Bernard Reyboz is a French sculptor whose works lead to a different apprehension of the world. His organic creations come from the stunning nature. The maturity of creating immemorial shaped figures for 30 years has reached apogee. The sculpture-objects become alive because of their mysterious appearance and unexpected movements. His works are like the reflect of nature’s intimacy in art. Enjoy these igneous colored flexible shapes that will dwell into your subconsciousness forever. More about Bernar Reyboz: Website

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S13 - R∞N

Tracklist 01| William Basinski – Cobalt pools – 1996 02| Kim Cascone – Atmosquare – 1998 03| Pomassl – Qaraghandy storm – 2007 04| Mika Vainio – Ilmanvaihto – 2009 (created 2000) 05| Signal – Super-structure – 2000 06| Hervé Boghossian – Mouvement a érien – 2004 07| Byetone – Capture this (part I) – 2008 08| Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern – Broken line 2 – 2008 09| Pixel – +28° 35 42.88 -80° 37 13.02 … More