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Looking-Further-Backwafrds-The-Intense-And-Chaotic-20121 © 2012 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Looking Further Backwards: The Intense And Chaotic 2012

2012 been chaotic, intense and overloaded year. Every season it is getting harder and more complicated to follow all the progressively expanding intellectual music scene worldwide as the new genres and talents tend to emerge quite rapidly. Inbox is always full of new records which vary from industrial, experimental to ambient or noise. The spectrum of brilliant and promising music is enormous and this fact sometimes makes us dissociate a little bit from this peculiar madness. It is a gloomy … More

Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words

Leonardo Rosado, based in Lisbon, Portugal, also known as Subterminal, is a musician, FeedbackLoop label owner, poet and an active person in the field of culture. Recently started his career he has released more than six individual works on such record labels as Denovali, Test Tube. Associated with ambient, abstract and avant-garde musical styles, Leonardo creates extraordinary masterworks. “Mute Words” is a striking ambient album released on a debuting Rosado’s imprint Heart and Soul. CD includes eight lethargic compositions and … More

Felt © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima & Spheruleus - Time & Language

An album “Time & Language” was made by a collaborative ambient project formed by Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima and Spheruleus. Initiated by Felt Collective and finalized by the accurate sound enginer Taylor Deupree, an album draws intellectual audience attention globally thus erasing geographic distance between Poland, Japan and United Kingdom. “Time & Language” is forthcoming LP album, released by Felt Records, that consists of 4 fluent compositions. Limited to 300 copies, this album is released on 180gm vinyl. The basis of … More

Cezary Gapik - Contrast I © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Cezary Gapik - Contrast I & Vanishing

Cezary Gapik (also known as CEZAR) is a Polish performer of drone, abstract and experimental music. Affected of music creation in 1980 while being an animator of local punk rock bands, he studied the evolution of computer made music and right now he has released more than 30 individual works and assuredly stands among the Eastern European academic musicians. Cezary also participates in such bands as QG/GQ and Sub Spa where he expands his productivity and creativeness. “Contrast I” is … More

Photography by James Medcraft © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Super - Computer - Romantics

Matt Pyke is an art director, animator and curator from United Kingdom who has founded a well-known multidisciplinary creative studio Universal Everything in 2004. After working with such clients like Apple, Manhattan Loft Corporation and Warp Records, he presented his brand-new exhibition “Super – Computer – Romantics” in 2011. In this exhibition there are shown 12 original works that were designed by Matt Pyke himself, his brother sound designer Simon Pyke, a French talents’ researcher Charlotte Léouzon and programmers Marcus … More

Patris Židelevičius Live © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Patris Židelevičius Live

Patris Židelevičius is a multi-instrumentalist from Lithuania, who combines experimental electronic music with acoustic sounds. Artist’s major instrument is cello with which he plays from childhood. This live performance which was recorded at the “Plenilunium” event at cafe “Kultūra” expresses a clear horizon of artist’s musical vision. This improvised magnificent story is created by using a wide range of instruments like Circuit bent CASIO SA-5 synthesizer, Roland TR-626 drum machine, Boss KM-60 mixer and, what is most important, a thrilling … More

Ersha black,white © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Ersha - Unseen Life

The author is ambient music creator and upholder Tadas Maksimovas, better known as Ersha, who now lives and produces in Lithuania. Together with Igoris Labanovas, better known as Igloo, they created group NOlogika and now arrange live performances. Tadas works are distinguished for their wide as mist atmospheres which sink in perpetual echo of consonance. Consistent development of trajectories and the feel of right sound incorporation make creations compelling from the very first beginning until the end. Sufficiently wide range … More

Gescom E.P. © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Gescom – Gescom E.P.

Gescom is a musical platform (group) which releases broken electronic music productions from 1994. These productions are created by distinct artists associations made from Andy Maddocks, Darrell Fitton, Mike Williamson, Rob Brown, Rob Hall, Russell Haswell and Sean Booth inter-collaboration. “Gescom E.P.” was released in 1994 in the “Skam” record company. It is composed of four works that was created using analog hardware. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQxQd3bwFF4 “Dan One” is the most rhythmical work in this release. It is distinguished for industrial type … More

Gemini 8 - Marvel © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Marvel - Gemini 8

“Gemini 8 (officially Gemini VIII) was the sixth manned spaceflight in NASA’s Gemini program. The mission conducted the first docking of two spacecraft in orbit but suffered the first critical in-space system failure of a U.S. spacecraft which threatened the astronauts and required immediate abort of the mission. The crew returned to Earth safely.” (wikipedia.org) Marvel is a new promising electronic music artist from Lithuania who presents real musical journey thru spheres and dimensions. Intensive sinus and light noise are … More

Ernestas Sadau Gun © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Ernestas Sadau - "About Lucifer"

Tracklist 01| Desiderii Margiris – Deadbeat 1 02| Bad Sector – Track 10 03| Dimeth Trip – Tilia 04| Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – 1996 Chronicles 05| Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.I 06| Maldur Atai – Let’s play no rules 07| Converter – Down Here 08| Vasha Dai – Apie Liuciferi 8 dalis (About Lucifer, part 8) Musician from twilight. Sounds from Tartarus don’t mean darkness in music – it is like a protest against tiring light of horizon. … More

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Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972

Timothy D. Hecker, is a “cathedral” electronic music composer and virtuoso of sound, who was born in Canada. After upholding and presenting ambient, drone, noise, abstract and experimental sounds in academic plane more that decade, he released his seventh solo album “Ravedeath, 1972” in the Kranky record company. White emotions, breathtaking sight-views and parallel worlds sinks one in the distances of subconsciousness. It is both worth for listening and worth for nib. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE9mT4JaW_0 Album contains 12 compositions recorded in the … More

S13 R∞N artwork © Justinas Mikulskis © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

S13 - R∞N

Tracklist 01| William Basinski – Cobalt pools – 1996 02| Kim Cascone – Atmosquare – 1998 03| Pomassl – Qaraghandy storm – 2007 04| Mika Vainio – Ilmanvaihto – 2009 (created 2000) 05| Signal – Super-structure – 2000 06| Hervé Boghossian – Mouvement a érien – 2004 07| Byetone – Capture this (part I) – 2008 08| Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern – Broken line 2 – 2008 09| Pixel – +28° 35 42.88 -80° 37 13.02 … More