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Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Leonardo Rosado - Mute Words

Leonardo Rosado, based in Lisbon, Portugal, also known as Subterminal, is a musician, FeedbackLoop label owner, poet and an active person in the field of culture. Recently started his career he has released more than six individual works on such record labels as Denovali, Test Tube. Associated with ambient, abstract and avant-garde musical styles, Leonardo creates extraordinary masterworks. “Mute Words” is a striking ambient album released on a debuting Rosado’s imprint Heart and Soul. CD includes eight lethargic compositions and … More

Birds Of Pasagge Winter Lady © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Birds Of Passage - Winter Lady

“Birds of Passage” is an authentic solo project of Alicia Merz, formed in 2010, New Zealand. She has collaborated with such artists like Leonardo Rosado, Aidan Baker, Jeff Stonehouse, Gareth Munday (Roof Light) and by consistently working with the respectable Denovali Recordings, Alicia has rapidly emerged into intellectual audience. “Winter Lady” is a forthcoming album, which will be released by Denovali Recordings in 17th of December, 2011. By synthesizing touching vocals with cinematographic soundscapes, Alicia explores the coherence of fragile … More