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Secret Thirteen Mix 108 - Kangding Ray - Small © 2014 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Secret Thirteen Mix 108 - Kangding Ray

The author of the mix is David Letellier (b. 1978), better known as Kangding Ray, a French electronic music producer and kinetic installation artist based in Berlin, Germany. Before moving into electronic music horizons, Letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various projects influenced by genres ranging from rock, pop to jazz. In his current recordings Kangding Ray investigates assimilation between architectural beats and extensive, atmospheric soundscapes. He tactfully puts together guitar loops, abyssal bass lines, white noise, acoustic … More

David Letellier - Versus © 2012 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

David Letellier's mechanical flowers

David Letellier (born in France, 1978) is a Berlin-based artist who focuses mainly on the perception of sound and space. David’s work ranges from audiovisual performances to conceptual drawings but he is mostly known for his inspiring sensuous Kinetic art works. “Versus” is one of the latest David projects which consist of two components placed on two walls facing one another in a small gallery space. Twelve triangular, hinged panels are arranged in a circle around a loudspeaker and microphone, … More

TESSEL © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.


Tessel is a kinetic sound installation investigating the perseption of sound and space that was created as a result of collaboration between French composer and artist David Letellier, and LAb[au], Belgiant electronic arts studio. The installation is constituted of a suspended and articulated topography of 4 x 2 m, subdivided into forty triangles. Twelve of them are fitted with motors and eight are equipped with audio transducers, thus creating a dynamic sonic space, evolving softly, constantly reconfigurated. The shape of … More