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Secret Thirteen Mix 107 - Ernestas Sadau - Small © 2014 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Secret Thirteen Mix 107 - Ernestas Sadau

The author of the mix is Ernestas Sadaunikas (b. 1984), a Lithuanian DJ, promoter and master chef based in London, United Kingdom. Sadaunikas has been building his musical identity under Ernestas Sadau and Dausa pseudonyms for over a decade now. Influenced by the early Autechre, Prodigy, Aphex Twin production and his parents’ vast record collection, which includes music ranging from The Doors to Donna Summer, Sadaunikas began a fruitful DJ career. Avoiding any stylistic frames he presents an eclectic DJ … More

Ernestas Sadau Gun © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Ernestas Sadau - "About Lucifer"

Tracklist 01| Desiderii Margiris – Deadbeat 1 02| Bad Sector – Track 10 03| Dimeth Trip – Tilia 04| Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – 1996 Chronicles 05| Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.I 06| Maldur Atai – Let’s play no rules 07| Converter – Down Here 08| Vasha Dai – Apie Liuciferi 8 dalis (About Lucifer, part 8) Musician from twilight. Sounds from Tartarus don’t mean darkness in music – it is like a protest against tiring light of horizon. … More