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The Galleria Centercity © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

The Galleria Centercity

The Galleria Centercity in Cheonan South Korea is a unique massive department store which was designed by a well-known Dutch architectural design studio UNStudio (United Network Studio). Founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, UNStudio has made over seventy projects in Asia, Europe, and North America and it is constantly expanding its global presence. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uiykihsZE The Galleria Centercity, designed to respond to the current retail climate in Asia, is unique for its semi-purpose – it operates not … More

Ordos Museum. Copyright All rights reserved by spiky247 © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

The Futuristic Shell

Ordos Museum, located in Inner Mongolia, is the Art and City Museum which was conceived by MAD architects. The municipal government of Ordos, considering the harsh remoteness of the area, 6 years ago commissioned MAD to design this museum as a metropolis and now it has become a completely futuristic landmark of a growing brand-new desert city. This video was filmed by young film director Niu Han who has captured the interior and exterior structure of this amazing metropolis of … More

Zimoun a © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Mechanical organisms of Zimoun

Zimoun is an artist from Switzerland who is famous for his sound sculptures and installations that have genuine modern and minimalistic sense. He has exhibited in more than 22 countries across the globe and got 8 international awards. By using mechanical devices, cardboard boxes and wires he transforms his works into visual futuristic abstractions and sonic chaos. In the context of minimalist artists of the 21th century his name is distinguished for his esthetic harmonizing of visual components to perfection. … More

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Sol LeWitt

Solomon “Sol” LeWitt was an American artist linked to various movements, including Conceptual art and Minimalism. He was one of the main figures of his time as he managed to transform the idea and practice of drawing and changed the relationship between an idea and the art it produces. Sol LeWit prolific two and three-dimensional work ranges from wall drawings to hundreds of works on paper extending to structures in the form of towers, pyramids, geometric forms, and progressions. These … More