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Haus Arafna Portrait Photo 2013 Interview Secret Thirteen © 2013 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Secret Thirteen Interview - Haus Arafna

Shaping the vague life concrete – an interview with angst pop architects Haus Arafna The German angst pop/industrial innovators Haus Arafna seemed to be standing on the edge of two worlds. Employing the harshness and roughness of industrial/noise sonic pallette and more subtle sounds of post punk/minimal wave, they created their own world of refined extremity. This allows their music to be charged with different emotions. Their cold and monolith compositions sometime sting like needles, while in other cases show … More

Secret Thirteen Mix Guide 002 - Nikodem Langfuhr - Small © 2013 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Secret Thirteen Guide 002 - Nikodem Langfuhr

Age:28 Name: Jacek Chodzinski City/Country: Gdansk, Poland Occupation: Officer Favourite music genre/style: Drone Notable musical achievements: None Age: 28 Name: Artur Kwiatkowski City/Country:Gdansk, Poland Occupation: Healthcare sector (taking care of non-medical side of medical business) Favourite music genre/style: Electronic, Black Metal, Jazz Notable musical achievements: – Played live audio/visual act as PURE (with Mateusz Wojczal as VJ, co-founder of Qunabu netlabel) on OSA (Open Source Art) Festival in Sopot among guys like Alva-Noto, Senking, Jan Jelinek; – Co-organised two quite … More

Justinas Mikulskis photo by Tomas Urbelionis © 2012 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Justinas Mikulskis (S13) - International Tapes Mixtape

Photograph by Tomsa Urbelionis The owner of Secret Thirteen Journal Justinas Mikulskis has just recorded a new mixtape for a Brooklyn born blog called International Tapes. Blog shows interpretations of the modern mixtapes, represents artists from the underground and attempts to contextualise cassette culture in nowadays. Subtly crafted and developed mix explores variety of rock music recorded from 1981 to 2011, including essences of post-rock, industrial, punk-rock, experimental and electronics. Justinas says: “It is an intuitive and arhaic mix that … More

Ernestas Sadau Gun © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Ernestas Sadau - "About Lucifer"

Tracklist 01| Desiderii Margiris – Deadbeat 1 02| Bad Sector – Track 10 03| Dimeth Trip – Tilia 04| Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – 1996 Chronicles 05| Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.I 06| Maldur Atai – Let’s play no rules 07| Converter – Down Here 08| Vasha Dai – Apie Liuciferi 8 dalis (About Lucifer, part 8) Musician from twilight. Sounds from Tartarus don’t mean darkness in music – it is like a protest against tiring light of horizon. … More