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Secret Thirteen Interview - Andy Black Forest & Tadas Švenčionis

Bridging Birmingham and Vilnius – Andy and Tadas speaks about their cultural experiences and the upcoming Umbra event with Emptyset in the front. In Lithuania there are not many focused and niche events coming together with strong concept and interesting background. However, recently the new name emerged by connecting two likeminded people from two culturally diverse geographical points – Birmingham and Vilnius. Andy and Tadas met each other in 2010 in the massive Drop Dead Festival, which took place in … More

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Secret Thirteen Mix 110 - Black To Comm

The author of the mix is Marc Richter, publicly known as Black To Comm, a German musician and curator based in Hamburg. His alias was inspired by MC5 band’s track “Black To Comm”, although Richter is not representing their ideology, only their spirit. From his childhood Richter felt that the music was inside him, floated in the air and it was only a matter of time when it reincarnates. Richter started recording and releasing records in 2003. In more than … More

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Electronic Explorations - Secret Thirteen Mix

PHOTO BY LAIMA STASIULIONYTE Right-click and save a copy of Secret Thirteen mix Justinas Mikulskis and Lukas Petraitis of Secret Thirteen compiled and mixed a special selection for a longevous Rob Booth’s musical platform Electronic Explorations. Some words from its authors: We were born and raised in Panevezys, the city surrounded by the industrial sites, that were left abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is why we decided to present expressive records that had (from … More

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Justinas Mikulskis (S13) - International Tapes Mixtape

Photograph by Tomsa Urbelionis The owner of Secret Thirteen Journal Justinas Mikulskis has just recorded a new mixtape for a Brooklyn born blog called International Tapes. Blog shows interpretations of the modern mixtapes, represents artists from the underground and attempts to contextualise cassette culture in nowadays. Subtly crafted and developed mix explores variety of rock music recorded from 1981 to 2011, including essences of post-rock, industrial, punk-rock, experimental and electronics. Justinas says: “It is an intuitive and arhaic mix that … More

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Justinas Mikulskis - Headphone Commute Mix

Download Tracklist 01. Sudden Infant – Noise Relaxation [2005, Blossoming Noise] 02. Superstropharia – Intro [2006, ???] 03. African Head Charge – Over The Sky [1985, On-U Sound] 04. Gondang Sabangunan Ensemble – Batak – Sumatra – Batara Guru [1993, Ellipsis Arts] 05. SPK – The Last Night Of Tibet [1983, Viva] 06. Cicciolina Holocaust – Zigomar [2011, Forced Nostalgia] [originally recorded in 1984] 07. Bruce Gilbert – Epitaph for Henran Brenlar [2011, Editions Mego] [originally recorded in 1987] 08. … More

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Justinas Mikulskis - Modyfier Process 305

Tracklist 01. Pimmon – Lp – from “Assembler” [2000, Fällt] 02. Christophe Charles – Undirected / Frequencies – from “Frequencies [Hz]” [2003, Raster-Noton] 03. Mattin – Side A – from “Object Of Thought” [2011, Presto!?] 04. Der Schwarze Kanal – In The Park – from “Der Endgültige Abschluß Des Erdgasröhrengeschäftes!” [1988, L'Age D'Or] 05. Horrid Red – Celestial Joy – from “Celestial Joy” [2011, Holidays Records] 06. Mense Reents – Minimal Tempel – from “Aus Freien Stücken” [2003, Ladomat 2000] … More

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Justinas Mikulskis - Fluid Radio

Download The owner of Secret Thirteen journal Justinas Mikulskis has compiled an exclusive selection for Fluid Radio. The selection is based on the academic perspective of field recording, drone, noise and experimental musical styles. Sinister intensive atmospheres are constantly being fused with organic field fragments and live recorded instruments which bring more vitality into minimalistic sound. Full of oscillating rustles, synth modulations, and distorted effects in the lower ambience layers create the feeling of cinematic sounds. To record this selection … More

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S13 recommends

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVFB4-Y0OXE Belong – A walk [Kranky] Belong is a duo from America, which impels deeper experience of music. In their newest album “Common Era” one can find interlaced shoe-gaze, drone and ambient tunes. The main “expectation knife” – “A Walk” – is hiding among other works. Stunning expression of vintage and strident sound, made with deep accords of synthesizers, leaves unforgettable impression of perfect harmony while diligent monotony is expressed with indistinct drums, drowned in tense atmosphere. At the same … More

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Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972

Timothy D. Hecker, is a “cathedral” electronic music composer and virtuoso of sound, who was born in Canada. After upholding and presenting ambient, drone, noise, abstract and experimental sounds in academic plane more that decade, he released his seventh solo album “Ravedeath, 1972” in the Kranky record company. White emotions, breathtaking sight-views and parallel worlds sinks one in the distances of subconsciousness. It is both worth for listening and worth for nib. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE9mT4JaW_0 Album contains 12 compositions recorded in the … More

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Four Kings

Dedicated for searchers. It is like a musical poker when one is having four kings in hands. And so here it comes for your judgment four kings which are sorted according to their color and sign. Hearts – The Human Instinct “Midnight Sun” 1970 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VovO2R8ird8 Blues rock, psychedelic, masculine and emotional work with the smell of hippies era. While listening you can feel like being in Woodstock without any difficulties – the feeling of your travel through illusions of LSD … More