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Soto - Venezuelan OP And Kinetic Artist

Jesus Rafael Soto (5th of June, 1923 – 14th of January, 2005) was a Venezuelan OP and Kinetic artist, a sculptor and a painter. Starting his artistic career as a boy painting cinema posters in his native city, Soto now definitely can be described as one of the most influential Kinetic and OP artists of the 20 century. Soto has received his artistic training in Caracas and in 1950 he left for Paris and began associating with Yaacov Agam, Jean … More

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Kinetic Art - Dynamic Structure 29117

The whole world is in a constant movement. Starting from leptons and finishing the whole universe – everyone and everything is based on movement. Such constant motion is also the basis of kinetic art. While some forms of art are more interested in a structure or the whole static object, kinetic art, especially in a form of kinetic sculptures, focuses on movement and its effect. This form of art was first introduced by a well-known artist Marcel Duchamp in 1913, … More

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Tessel is a kinetic sound installation investigating the perseption of sound and space that was created as a result of collaboration between French composer and artist David Letellier, and LAb[au], Belgiant electronic arts studio. The installation is constituted of a suspended and articulated topography of 4 x 2 m, subdivided into forty triangles. Twelve of them are fitted with motors and eight are equipped with audio transducers, thus creating a dynamic sonic space, evolving softly, constantly reconfigurated. The shape of … More

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Organisms of Bernar Reyboz

Bernard Reyboz is a French sculptor whose works lead to a different apprehension of the world. His organic creations come from the stunning nature. The maturity of creating immemorial shaped figures for 30 years has reached apogee. The sculpture-objects become alive because of their mysterious appearance and unexpected movements. His works are like the reflect of nature’s intimacy in art. Enjoy these igneous colored flexible shapes that will dwell into your subconsciousness forever. More about Bernar Reyboz: Website