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LAb[au] - Binary Waves

LAb[au] is an artist group founded 1997 in Brussels, Belgium. Current members are Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, and Els Vermang. Lab[au] project Binary Waves, created in 2008, is an urban and cybernetic installation based on the measuring of surrounding in real time infrastructural (eg. passengers, cars and etc.) and communicational (eg. electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones, radio and etc.) flows and their transposition into luminous, sonic and kinetic rules. Such relation sets each person and object as an element … More

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Tessel is a kinetic sound installation investigating the perseption of sound and space that was created as a result of collaboration between French composer and artist David Letellier, and LAb[au], Belgiant electronic arts studio. The installation is constituted of a suspended and articulated topography of 4 x 2 m, subdivided into forty triangles. Twelve of them are fitted with motors and eight are equipped with audio transducers, thus creating a dynamic sonic space, evolving softly, constantly reconfigurated. The shape of … More