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Secret Thirteen Mix 051 - Richard Chartier - Line © 2013 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Secret Thirteen Mix 051 - Richard Chartier

“Secret Thirteen Mix 051” is a carefully measured versatile audio collage that connects and reveals 31 notable records from the such gifted musicians as Zoviet France, Demdike Stare, Felix Kubin, Bruce Gilbert, Rhythm & Sound and many other. Mix clearly reflect author’s nowadays view to a flexible and constantly expanding electronic music scene and its conception through perspective of static, mobile and innovative sounds intersections. Right-click and save a copy of Richard Chartier mix The author of the mix is … More

LINE_057_bretschneider_sleeve_3 © 2012 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Frank Bretschneider - Kippschwingungen

Frank Bretschneider (born 1956) is a German modern composer, sound designer and musician, also known as Komet, based in Berlin. In 1986 Frank started to experiment with tape machines, synthesizers, modified guitars and promptly acquired the knowledge how to create music. Frank works primary were focused on the sine waves and white noise in the academic perspective. He formed a band called AG in the 1986 and started his long lasting career. More meaningful works started when Frank and his … More

LINE_056_curgenven_sleeve_final © 2012 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Robert Curgenven + Richard Chartier - Built Through

Robert Curgenven and Richard Chartier has formed a momentous project to create a magnetic album. Both authors are notable in the academic scene and carrying some weighty achievements in music and visual art. Richard is a minimalism movement musician, sound artist and desinger, also co-founder of the respectable LINE records. Over decade he has released over 30 solo records on labels such as Fällt, Raster-Noton, Room40, Spekk, 12k. Cooperating with the well known musicians such as Taylor Deupree, William Basinski … More