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Ordos Museum. Copyright All rights reserved by spiky247 © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

The Futuristic Shell

Ordos Museum, located in Inner Mongolia, is the Art and City Museum which was conceived by MAD architects. The municipal government of Ordos, considering the harsh remoteness of the area, 6 years ago commissioned MAD to design this museum as a metropolis and now it has become a completely futuristic landmark of a growing brand-new desert city. This video was filmed by young film director Niu Han who has captured the interior and exterior structure of this amazing metropolis of … More

Photography by James Medcraft © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Super - Computer - Romantics

Matt Pyke is an art director, animator and curator from United Kingdom who has founded a well-known multidisciplinary creative studio Universal Everything in 2004. After working with such clients like Apple, Manhattan Loft Corporation and Warp Records, he presented his brand-new exhibition “Super – Computer – Romantics” in 2011. In this exhibition there are shown 12 original works that were designed by Matt Pyke himself, his brother sound designer Simon Pyke, a French talents’ researcher Charlotte Léouzon and programmers Marcus … More

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Tessel is a kinetic sound installation investigating the perseption of sound and space that was created as a result of collaboration between French composer and artist David Letellier, and LAb[au], Belgiant electronic arts studio. The installation is constituted of a suspended and articulated topography of 4 x 2 m, subdivided into forty triangles. Twelve of them are fitted with motors and eight are equipped with audio transducers, thus creating a dynamic sonic space, evolving softly, constantly reconfigurated. The shape of … More

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Interview about Charles and Ray Eames

Charles Ormond Eames, Jr (1907–1978) and Bernice Alexandra “Ray” Eames née Bernice Kaiser (1912–1988) were American designers, who worked in and made major contributions to modern architecture and furniture. They also worked in the fields of industrial and graphic design, fine art and film. Interview with Marilyn Neuhart, author of “The Story of Eames Furniture”, and her husband John. Both have worked with the Eames Office in various capacities from the 1950s. More about Eames: Wikipedia

Zimoun a © 2011 Secret Thirteen. All rights reserved.

Mechanical organisms of Zimoun

Zimoun is an artist from Switzerland who is famous for his sound sculptures and installations that have genuine modern and minimalistic sense. He has exhibited in more than 22 countries across the globe and got 8 international awards. By using mechanical devices, cardboard boxes and wires he transforms his works into visual futuristic abstractions and sonic chaos. In the context of minimalist artists of the 21th century his name is distinguished for his esthetic harmonizing of visual components to perfection. … More

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Troika is a future-thinking Art and Design Studio located in London which was established in 2003 by Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel. They look at our surroundings from a different perspective by creating magnificent symbiosis of technologies and interactive constructions. Combinations of electronic mirrors, programmed schemes and light they used in their installations made them true modernists. The fact they exhibited at Victoria & Albert Museum London, The Art Institute of Chicago, Tate Britain and MoMA New York … More

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rAndom International

rAndom International is contemporary art and science symbiosis group which consists of Stuart Wood, Flo Ortrass and Hannes Koch that create innovative installations. More than one award was given to these artists in the fields of design and architecture. Also they are presented in “Carpenters Workshop Gallery” in London. The vision that they render reminds of alive digital organisms and brings beholders closer to technologies. Minimalism and futurism in abstract works is their identity. Specific sensitivity and ideas arise while … More

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Sol LeWitt

Solomon “Sol” LeWitt was an American artist linked to various movements, including Conceptual art and Minimalism. He was one of the main figures of his time as he managed to transform the idea and practice of drawing and changed the relationship between an idea and the art it produces. Sol LeWit prolific two and three-dimensional work ranges from wall drawings to hundreds of works on paper extending to structures in the form of towers, pyramids, geometric forms, and progressions. These … More

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Magamura live at Merlin Theater

Magamura is a new experimental duo from Hungary. Constructing fundamental musical structures in contemporary ways and combining different technical solutions in sounds, rhythms and voices they converts music into living-stories. Live at Merlin theater is like a honeycomb consisting various electronic music styles from ambient to idm with a very solid technical fulfillment on full specter of sounds. Artists creates a constant rise of the whole atmosphere by composing unexpected sound textures and enigmatic effects. Culmination is increased with fluid … More