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Secret Thirteen Interview - CoH

Processing the dreams – the interview with COH COH (pronounced as “son”) has two different meaning in Russian language. It means “dream” and “sleep” at the same time. The relation between these two notions reflects the variety of the world of Ivan Pavlov, the man behind this legendary moniker. In his vast discography Ivan explored various interesting uncharted territories of sonic fields ranging from sophisticated voice manipulations to playful analog experiments with rhythms and moods, thus creating a separate and … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Bill Kouligas

Bill Kouligas has the rare privilege of being able to say he has never put out an uninteresting record. His PAN label has been at the forefront of the musical avant-garde for several years now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Kouligas single handedly organized the extremely successful PAN_ACT festival in NYC last summer, presenting a wide range of artists from Terrance Dixon to Catherine Christer Hennix to Rashad Becker. Every piece of music the label releases … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Rrose

Reflecting Duchamp with the sounds of techno – an interview with Rrose Rrose revived the famous Marcel Duchamp persona/alter ego and transferred it to the context of the 21st century. Rrose’s language is the dark, intense and monolith techno full of unexpected excursions into industrial areas. His sound mixes dark and raw atmospherics with concrete and hypnotic rhythmic patterns thus providing a coherent journey into surreal depths. Rrose does not talk much and his interviews are very rare. However the … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Vladislav Delay

The personal path of innovation and reinvention – an interview with Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay is the person who probably needs no introduction. His sonic constructions stand on the verge of innovative structures of dub/minimal/experimental/techno as well as subtle and carefully crafted vocal house, which he creates under his Luomo moniker. Before his show at Outline Festival in Moscow Sasu answered several questions. In the interview below one of the most prominent figures in … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Felix Kubin

Reinventing the Modern Age – the Exclusive Interview with Felix Kubin Felix Kubin personality seems to be one of the hardest to pin down. His work stretches through different archetypes/symbols of the collective consciousness of the whole 20th century and beyond. By employing the aesthetics of space age, radio plays, library music, kraut-like experiments and boundary-breaking futurism, he manages to create a parallel world of lost cultural artefacts and innovative, hyper-modernist visions. Felix’s music has traces of analog experiments, library … More

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Vertex at Infinity - Mark Fell at South First Gallery Interviewed

Mark Fell’s installation “Vertex at Infinity” at South First Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is an exercise in precise, modulating design. It opened on April 12th and will close on May 18th, 2014. Complex variations of geometrical forms are the order of the day. The visual pieces are constituted by the juxtaposition of bright, rainbowed chromatic gradation and found images while the sound portion is a churning, randomly generated selection of Fell’s signature Sensate Focus ingredients: tastefully swelling synth pads, restrained, … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - LostFriday

“LostFriday” is a Lithuanian hand-made menswear brand created and maintained by the beautiful family alliance consisting of professional fashion designer Darius Jonikas and Agnieta Jonikiene, passionate fashion media and communications specialist. Established in 2011, “LostFriday” is all about the mood many people experiencing while waiting for a long-awaited weekend. Their motto is to create clothes that could bring the Friday everyday. The brand also reflects the vibe of post-industrialism era, when everyone seeks for their own visual identity. “LostFriday” is … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Andy Black Forest & Tadas Švenčionis

Bridging Birmingham and Vilnius – Andy and Tadas speaks about their cultural experiences and the upcoming Umbra event with Emptyset in the front. In Lithuania there are not many focused and niche events coming together with strong concept and interesting background. However, recently the new name emerged by connecting two likeminded people from two culturally diverse geographical points – Birmingham and Vilnius. Andy and Tadas met each other in 2010 in the massive Drop Dead Festival, which took place in … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Atom™

Independence through isolation – the interview with Atom™ Uwe Schimdt – the man behind Atom™ moniker – operates within a wide range of musical narratives expressed by various eclectic guises. They guide us through the variety of spatial, geographical and temporal episodes of music history. Latin infused cover project Señor Coconut, the futuristic hazy downtempo/electro-jazz of Flanger (Uwe’s collaboration with Burnt Friedman), the beautiful and monolithic classicism of Schubert referencing Atom™ album “Winterreise” (not to mention many other works under … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Robert Henke (Monolake)

Chasing ghosts in the machines – the exclusive interview with Robert Henke Robert Henke is a man who probably needs no introduction. His art merges two separate, sometimes even conflicting concepts – technology and emotion. Being a renowned sound engineer and software architect introducing cutting-edge concepts, he is also the man behind the Monolake project, which mesmerized many sonic travelers with its cold, intense and futuristic musical narratives of unexplored spaces and forms, where ghost chasing takes place in polygon … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Tor Lundvall

Between seasons, structures and solitude – the interview with Tor Lundvall Ambient composer and painter Tor Lundvall manages to translate the feel of his surroundings so well that in his works you almost feel the soft coldness of the first winter breeze, decadent smell of autumn leaves, the intense scent of pines in the hazy summer forest, breath of chimneys of some small and remote village or the distant dawn or twilight covering the urban horizon. Everything is inscribed in … More

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Secret Thirteen Interview - Lycia

Stark corners, quiet moments and autumnal sublime – the interview with Lycia’s Mike VanPortfleet For many years Lycia has been silently building impressive sonic structures made of haunted, mesmerizing and ethereal sounds drowned in thick layers of long reverbs floating somewhere into the distant horizons, where cold autumn sun meets the complex ornaments of leafless tree branches. Even though the band has never flirted with the mainstream, their influence subtly seeps into many notable underground acts (one of the greatest … More