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The Cyberpunk Movement

Cyberpunk is a postmodern science fiction genre noted for its focus on “high tech and low life.” The name was originally coined by Bruce Bethke as the title of his short story “Cyberpunk,” published in 1983. It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy novels are famous early cyberpunk novels. Cyberpunk plots often center on a conflict among hackers, artificial intelligences, … More

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rAndom International

rAndom International is contemporary art and science symbiosis group which consists of Stuart Wood, Flo Ortrass and Hannes Koch that create innovative installations. More than one award was given to these artists in the fields of design and architecture. Also they are presented in “Carpenters Workshop Gallery” in London. The vision that they render reminds of alive digital organisms and brings beholders closer to technologies. Minimalism and futurism in abstract works is their identity. Specific sensitivity and ideas arise while … More