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The Particle

Alex Posada is a digital creator, producer and music creator as well as researcher in the field of interactive and new media. He is also known for working as a coordinator and project manager within the Hangar interaction laboratory in Barcelona, a prestigious center for the visual arts.

One of the best works of Alex Posada is “The Particle”. It is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound and movement. The visual POV effects are created by continuous rotation, its speed and light. The light emerges from the limited movement of each of the rings randomly and also it depends on a change of such external conditions as motion of people. The regulatory mechanism of all work is based on the reckless decision making principle. The new models emerges from the previous ones and thus “The Particle” becomes independent, reactive and sensitive organism which is eventually led to chaos by its own surroundings.

“The Particle” is the work of modern times that sucks the viewer in its own world of perception. This is the future of art that is visible today.

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