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Mechanical organisms of Zimoun

Zimoun is an artist from Switzerland who is famous for his sound sculptures and installations that have genuine modern and minimalistic sense. He has exhibited in more than 22 countries across the globe and got 8 international awards.

By using mechanical devices, cardboard boxes and wires he transforms his works into visual futuristic abstractions and sonic chaos. In the context of minimalist artists of the 21th century his name is distinguished for his esthetic harmonizing of visual components to perfection. Structures are presented as separate organisms that are integrated into objects of various shapes that have consistently mutating frequency. Zimoun is an artist who always searches how to impress an audience but simultaneously he sustains one thing and it is his unique touch – his perpetual motors.

His works are a true mastermind of breathtaking simplicity that leaves a lifetime impression of how universal approach to architectural platforms and drone sound can be.

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