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Andi Stecher Music Mix Review

Photo by Phil Dera

Andi Stecher is a Berlin-based drummer and electronic musician who works both as a solo artist, and as part of projects such as Gschreams or Malfinia Ensemblo. The latter is his duo with Norman Teale. Their album “Varsovia”, was released on Kvitnu. It was inspired by an autumnal stay in Warsaw and is a multilayered affair of piercing synth lines going together with ambience, ethereal vocals, chaotic improvisation, and krautish hypnotics. His other band, Gschreams, is an energetic punkish funk outfit. Andi’s personal background connects opposite, yet somehow related worlds - the urban/metropolitan and the rural wilderness. Apart from being an experimental artist Andi is also a shepherd and this experience, this very direct relation with nature, informs his art. Andi’s recent gem, “ausreiben / antreiben”, is a cohesive illustration of this. This concept piece is based on archaic Alpine traditions and the masks used in them. The album balances between raw organic sounds, woody sonic textures stretched into convincing sound trips stretching through wilderness and winter fields. The last piece, “Tödi”, (which is also the closing track of the mix) is a moody composition, where chaotic sound clashes turn into mellow and elegant tribal jazz. It is also an excellent example of the atmosphere transmitted by the mix. It is also worth mentioning that in 2016 Andi became a member of the SHAPE platform, who are one of our partners.

Secret Thirteen Mix 184 traverses various different surroundings and spaces, and captures the richness of each one. It does not occupy a single locale, but that is the charm of it. It invites one to create worlds inside their minds and explore them to their heart’s content. It is like a kaleidoscope of traditions, aesthetics, different cultural approaches all weaved into a single narrative, where the dark and concrete pulsations of Andy Stott and the Sino-futurism of Fatima Al Qadiri stand next to the mesmerizing Bolivian folk of Luzmila Carpio or the traditional music of Burundi. These are just a few examples that illustrate the vast geographical and cultural scope of the selection. Andi also adds a strong personal touch to the mix with the inclusion of the cow-herder conversation field recording into the aforementioned “Tödi”. Due to its organic mood, bright tones and warmth, the mix shares some similarities with Joan Miro’s early masterpiece “Paseo A La Ciudad”.

Andi on his mix:

“This mix is an homage to urban environments and the backcountry/wilderness. I am very connected to both of these worlds, they are both very dear to me. I am a drummer, electronic music producer and a shepherd. These are two very different environments and worlds, "scenes" to be in, to work in and to experience.

One of my biggest goals is to have a stable and strong connection to both of them and to be able to live, create and work in between and within both (nature and city). It is such a powerful feeling to be alone in the mountains, taking care of "your" animals, being exposed to the pure forces of nature etc. Same goes for urban spaces: touring, working and producing in the studio, getting exposed to all kinds of sounds, infos, viewpoints, people etc.

The mix consists of a selection of tracks, which show facets of these worlds. Some tracks which for me are more connected to nature/wilderness/countryside etc., others more clearly represent urban environments and there are also tracks which
touch upon both.”

1. Hugo Zemp - Cloches de vaches, solo d'homme étable
2. Andrea Belfi - Roteano
3. Soap & Skin - Mawal Jamar
4. Ben Vida - pin ans sweep
5. Shabazz Palaces - an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum
6. David Lynch - Noah’s Ark
7. Musique Traditionnelle De Burundi - Akazehe
8. Camarón - La Leyenda del Tiempo
9. Dj Nigga Fox - Hwwambo
10. Douglas Quin - At The Sea Ice Edge
11. Bernard Parmegiani - Deuxieme serie, Ondes Croisees
12. Anne James Chaton + Andy Moor - Breaking the Record (French)
13. Luzmila Carpio - Wiñay llaqta
14. Shaktar Shulban - Demonstration Of Sygyt And Kargyraa
15. Fatima Al Qadiri - Szeuchan
16. Matana Roberts - lulla/bye
17. Paul White - Minus
18. Andy Stott - Execution
19. Jodlerklub Thun - Alpaufzug
20. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Generator 7b
21. Private collection - cow herder explaining / complaining ( Oberhaus Alm )
22. Andi Stecher - Tödi

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