Secret Thirteen Mix 168 - DJ Di'jital

DJ Di'jital - Lamont Norwood

DJ Di'jital - Lamont Norwood

Vibes of the past with DJ Di’jital of Direct Beat, who gives us a glimpse at 1990’s Detroit raves with this catchy electro funk mix.

DJ Di’jital is Lamont Norwood, a DJ and producer from Detroit, active since the early 90’s. Lamont’s sharp and electric Detroit techno cuts are associated with the now defunct Direct Beat label, which is also famous for AUX 88 releases. He was also involved with the Underground Resistance. Di’jital’s intense DJ sets move the crowds with mad ghetto tech, electro funk and old school house combinations. There is no wonder his sonic output is so intense, varied and dynamic - his musical influences range from Kraftwerk synth classics to early hip-hop and the street dance culture. These elements are very prevalent in Lamont’s aural journeys, which have strong traits of Drexciyan elegance as well as the physicality of funk and disco. It is an explosive coalescence of essential Detroit musical topography as well as a great and genuine dancefloor experience. Passion, excellent mixing skills, broad musical knowledge, organic selections and natural sonic intuition make Di’jital’s sets and production an adventurous, touching experience, which not only makes your body move, but also fills your ears with sheer techno pleasure coming straight from the Motor City.

Secret Thirteen Mix 168 is unlike any we’ve had in our series due not only to the content, but also the form. DJ Di’jital let’s us into an early 90’s urban underground rave - there are catchy electro funk, house and hip hop classics blasting, such as Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three or Arabian Prince, and the DJ is as cool and confident as the tracks he’s pulled out of the crate. There is no premeditation here, the mix is exactly as you would hear it live, with lots of live scratching, mixing and improvisation. You can hear the wear of the vinyl which only adds to how impressive the mixing is and how organic it feels. This is for anyone who’s a fan of the period or simply wants to have a private disco session.

DJ Di’jital’s mix resembles Charles Bezie’s abstract painting “Fiborythm” in the sense that they both require machine-like precision, but are nothing without the human-touch, and both are an homage to “the pattern”. “Fiborythm” is an indirect reference to the industrial background where artists featured in the mix found their voice, and a visualization of simplicity at its most effective and appealing.

01. Young Ladies /Old School Bass Classics Vol.1
02. Computer Power/Jamie Jupiter / Egyptian empire
03. Poison Ivy / Young and the Restless/Pandisc
04. The Soul / Al nay fish / Cutting Records
05. Professor X/ Arabian Prince /Tekno Kut
06. Break beat 45 rpm / Simon Harris
07. Juice / World Class Wrecking Cru/ Macola
08. Planet Rock/ Soul Sonic Force / Tommy Boy
09. Flash / Fix/ KMS
10. Just Feel it / Al nay fish / Cutting Records
11. Time Bonus beat / The soul / Cutting Records
12. Request line / Rock master Scott and the dynamic 3/ Reality
13. Pac Jam / The Jonzun Crew/ Tommy Boy
14. Jam the Bronx / Pretty Tony / Freestyle
15. The party has begun / Pretty Tony / Freestyle
16. Party break / Simon Harris
17. Jell and weave / Dj assault / Electro Funk
18. 122 Bpm/ jive rhythm tracks
19. Outro

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