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This spring is a really fruitful season for electronic music lovers and especially for sound experimentation fans. The last example of a brilliant offering is Drøp’s “Vasundhara EP”. Giuseppe Bifulco, who is the artist behind the moniker, has managed to create a disturbing and exciting work. The four-track EP will see the light on the 23rd of April in both digital format and vinyl. Also it will be released by Arboretum - a collaborative project rooted in Berlin and active since 2012 which works in audio and visual research from a distinctive and open-minded perspective.

Drøp is a project which gives an enormous importance to sound investigation, and “Vasundhara EP” is clear proof of that. Highly influenced by the concept of natural/human order, this work represents a truly cutting-edge and impressive dive into perception and other sensorial aspects of music. Indeed, it is a journey through deep atmospheres that would lead potential listeners beyond tangible boundaries. The first track on this EP, “Epileptic Heritage” transforms the concept of an illness conceived in the past as a “holy disease” into a suffocating, constant and spasmodic compound of rhythms, electric shocks and profound soundscapes. For its part, “Erratic Rituals”, which is the second piece, perfectly shows how ancient traditions, i.e. religious rituals, can transport anyone to a dreamland far from earthly experiences. In order to inspire this, Drøp bases its composition on ethnic percussions and glitches, all wrapped around by an immersive shamanic atmosphere. “Vasundhara”, the third track, offers an abrasive sound that develops, little by little, from an organic environment to a violent and distorted one, built on thick slow-pace beats. The last one on the vinyl is “Epileptic Heritage (Dadub Remix)”. In this track, the author reworks the idea of the disease posed by the first song and provides it with an aggressive and breathtaking rhythm, and a light-dark deepness which should undeniably increase anyone’s heartbeats-per-minute. In addition, the digital format includes a bonus track, “Death of Apasmara”, which is based on a dark and disturbing mix of electric impulses, heterogeneous noises and obscure layers.

To sum up, Drøp’s “Vasundhara” is a superb four-track EP (five if acquired on digital format) that provides listeners with an astonishing slew of rhythms, effects, glitches and soundscapes. Its composition underlines the crucial role of inherent elements and atmospheres over the explicit ones, and gives more importance to the whole than its parts. Dark and profound, this EP should be a MUST for any experimental music lover.

Find more information here – https://inarboretum.com/?section=releases

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