Secret Thirteen Mix 189 - FOR.

FOR.’s glorious mix of noise, industrial and techno music

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FOR. is a fresh Hungarian industrial/techno duo - Ábris Gryllus and Miklós Farkas. They have an upcoming album, called Next to 21 Tons of Chemical Waste Right Now, to be released in 2016 on the Hungarian label Farbwechsel. Their music is a combination of heavy and blunt ominous beats and anxiety-inducing soundscapes brought together with a subtlety and mastery few can rival. Their sound is mostly a product of improvisation based around obscure and abstract aesthetics. Gryllus and Farkas list inspirations that range from their immediate surroundings - the paradoxical loneliness of urban landscapes - as well as fine art, club culture, all of which results in the dirty and rusty sound of FOR.

Secret Thirteen Mix 189 is somewhat of a change of pace in terms of our recent mixes. This selection is rooted within the musical worlds of industrial, techno, and anything inbetween. Much of the selection is made up for FOR.’s tracks, which are supplemented with various artists whom the Hungarian duo love and respect - these include Varg, Damien Dubrovnik, Orphx, and more. The goal in FOR.’s mind is to use the mix as a sort of test of a shift in direction - to ask and answer the question of “how does our music sound within this other context?” As for the rest us, this is a great way to celebrate the glorious emptiness of the city in summer, and bang out because of it. The mix starts off slowly, building tension with murky soundscapes over unrelenting sounds of machinery left to its own devices. It grows more violent by the minute, until we reach a cathartic moment of power electronics, which gives way to the rest of the mix - a dark feast of techno, full of aggressive beats, a destructive monotony that leaves the day far removed from the present. The mix ends with an ambient piece from Ábris Gryllus - a melancholic touch to finish the rave.

FOR.’s mix is rather like Peter Alexander’s airplane-view painting of LA “Lawndale” in which something quite familiar - a world of human beings - looks unrecognizable and alien.


01. FOR. - Intro
02. Varg - White & Yellow, Powdered Drugs
03. FOR. - Free To Engage
04. Damien Dubrovnik - Fingers into Majorelle
05. Zosima - Embryo
06. Shapednoise - Enlightenment (feat Justin K Broadrick)
07. FOR. - Nemes Z
08. FOR. - Collision Apetite
09. Mike Nylons - Nostalgiarium_(witchster_version)
10. Uncto - Judas Cradle (Orphx remix)
11. FOR. - G7
12. Orphx - What Will Burn
13. Phase Fatale - Cut
14. FOR. - Post Flay
15. Headless Horseman - Haunted
16. FOR. - Trench 2
17. Sun O))) - Kannon 2
18. Body Sculptures - The Base Of All Beauty Is The Body
19. Varg - Corinthia Skin Pt. 1: Artist Dinner & Sparkling Wine
20. Ábris Gryllus - Post 06

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