STM 130 - Gábor Lázár

Experimental artist Gábor Lázár of The Death Of Rave record label

Gábor Lázár Press Photo

The conceptual and educational mix by Gábor Lázár connecting complex computer electronic music.

The author of the mix is Gábor Lázár, a computer music composer and innovator, living and working in Budapest, Hungary. Gábor studied electronic music and media art, and immediately began his explorations in the complex world of sounds. Even Gábor is a newcomer in the contemporary electronic music scene, he has already released his first works on a limited split cassette EP in 2013, including a piece from the multi-disciplinary artist Russell Haswell. The cassette was released on his co-founded (with Gergo Szinyova) and curated Last Foundation imprint focusing on “unique compositional techniques or people who apply new solutions in the field of music technology”. Soon after Gábor has presented his solo debut album “I.L.S.” on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? label in 2014, which was followed by another great 12" EP release “EP16” on a rapidly growing The Death Of Rave records. With his challenging, dynamic and strictly mathematical composing style varying between extreme academism and some kind of reasonable musical barbarism, Gábor is currently building a future of electronic music. Everyone who admires works of such ingenious artists as Mark Fell, SND, Evol or Florian Hecker should pay their attention on this bright and open-minded individual and his vast musical concepts. With some imagination, accumulation and desire to perceive Gábor’s far-sighted ideas through his music, curious listener should definitely be teleported into a weird matrix of sounds that penetrate the psyche and in general reshape the understanding of music.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 130” is a conceptual and educational type of mix which contains different sections by Wendy Carlos' early demonstrations of digital and analog sound possibilities from her album “Secrets Of Synthesis” released in the late 1980s. Moreover, this mix includes original works by such electronic music veterans as Surgeon, Jeff Mills, Russell Haswell, Evol and others, an upcoming collaborative track by Gábor and Mark Fell, and a bizarre deconstructed piece by Theo Burt of Eric Prydz’s famous pop song “Call On Me”. Continuously pulsating electromagnetic ambiance, insane architectural rhythm patterns and complex structures of digital percussion lead the listener during all the mix and guarantee a proper ‘brainwash’. Apart that Gábor’s musical trip somehow mirrors Adnan Coker’s abstract painting “Untitled”, which opens a passage to the unknown and free interpretations.

Reveal Playlist
Wendy Carlos - Digital Synthesis [CBS, 1987]
Gábor Lázár - EP4 [The Death Of Rave, 2014]
Gábor Lázár and Mark Fell - A3 [upcoming]

Wendy Carlos - Electronic Pointillism & Hocketing [CBS, 1987]
Lorenzo Senni - PointillisticT [Boomkat Editions, 2014]

Wendy Carlos - Ensemble Performance Via Click-Tracks [CBS, 1987]
Theo Burt - Eric Prydz: "Call On Me" divided into quarter beats and reordered so that each piece is followed by the piece most similar to it from those remaining [unreleased] EVOL - Rave Synthesis Approximations of György Ligeti's Continuum, Part II, Side A [EMY, 2013]
Russell Haswell - One Take Dub No Edit [Diagonal, 2014]

Wendy Carlos - Performance Values [CBS, 1987]
Surgeon - Depart [Tresor, 1997]
Claude Young - Gates Of The Afterlife [Elypsia, 1997]
Millsart - Untitled - B2 [Axis, 1995]

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