Secret Thirteen Mix 152 - Hypnoskull

Hypnoskull - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Ira A. Goryainova

The author of the mix is Patrick Stevens (b. 1973), also known as Hypnoskull, who combines the power of cold analog electronics with extremely thorough rhythm structures to form an anarchic noise and techno-industrial assault. Stevens grew up in 1980’s Kassel and Belgium, where he attended the iconic Belgian new beat parties and later got immersed in the obscure world of tape music. Stevens’ keen interest in the emerging noise/industrial scene inspired him to execute his own hardware and sonic experiments. 1992 is the formal birth date of Hypnoskull. After years of underground activism in the worldwide electronic underground network of industrial music, Hypnoskull managed to reach a larger audience after releasing such critically acclaimed heavyweight albums as Rythmusmaschine 1-2 (1998), Ffwd>Burnout! (1999) and Electronic Music Means War To Us (2001). Working hand in hand with the prolific and respected German label Ant-Zen, it didn’t take Hypnoskull long to become an important figure in the darker and harsher musical universe, but even before that Stevens had already made a name for himself as one half of Sonar - a hardcore Belgian rhythmic industrial project. His past solo projects, like Sona Eact®, Reset, Sliding Elements, Trivial Gender, and 33MHz, could also make a good starting point to begin exploring Stevens’ exceptional musical concepts.

Secret Thirteen Mix 152 is a colossal mixture of the most psyche-penetrating, intensely emotive, and even neurotic music, which is bound to awaken the listener or at least remind him of the need and importance to resist the rot of public society. This is the first mix ever made by Hypnoskull, and we feel beyond honoured to share it with all of you.

Stevens took a deep breath to compile and record a very personal and distinct mix, consisting of three parts, each one of them introduced by a strong German female icon. In almost 2 hours Hypnoskull creatively fuses 53 rare and unique records released between 1930 and 2015. Unexpected turns, occasionally provocative mixing and a large variety of styles, ranging from breakcore, noise, industrial to experimental, spoken-word or even chanson music are sure to leave no one unmoved, whether positively or negatively.

A diverse palette of 1990’s industrial/synth jewels are revealed in the first chapter called Heimweh. The next chapter, Widerstand, documents Stevens’ anger towards the industrial scene which formed Hypnoskull – it reflects the times when he upset large numbers of his loyal followers by crossing over with breakcore and harsh hiphop. The Angst chapter depicts the producer’s newer and less known side – where words meet the darkest corners of electronic music – a translation of his recent works to films and documentaries into audio. The mix includes some of Stevens’ recordings too, “The Sewers” and “Big In The Anger” harmoniously coexists within the whole constantly changing and progressively expanding musical scenery. There are no rules or limits, because this mix was born to blow your brains out.

Hypnoskull’s mix could stand in parallel with Jean Dubuffet’s figurative (Art Brut) painting “Grand Maitre of the Outsider”. Just as Dubuffet used dark and ironically-sacred color tones and unorthodox painting methods on a rugged texture filled with physical marks to directly and purely express the depth of a person, Stevens’ work suggests a similar perspective. Dubuffet’s use of crude materials and the irony found in many of his works nicely reflects Hypnoskull’s musical activities, where he operates outside any pre-determined aesthetic or academic norms. Also, Dubuffet’s isolated, down-to-earth, and genuine personality are quite similar to Stevens’ and it seems these characteristics naturally served as a bridge for both artists to gain worldwide recognition and deserved respect among open-minded people with and anarchistic approach to life and the system we are all trapped in.



01. Marlene Dietrich (G) - “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte” (From the film ‘Der Mann, der seinen Mörder sucht,Robert Siodmak,1931 ) 0.00

02. Asmus Tietchens (G) - “Miss ann trope” (Sky Records, 1981) 1.51

03. Nurse With Wound (UK) – “The bottom feeder” (Dirter Promotions, 2008) 3.03

04. Borsig (G) – “Japan, Japan” (Supermax, 1982) 4.30

05. Blackhouse (USA) – “Hope like a candle” (Ladd-Frith, 1985) 6.31

06. Kubus (NL) – “Clear for entry“ (Pokka, 2014) 8.06

07. Merzbow (JAP) – “Seishi Seppuku Kei“ (Extreme, 1991) 10.14

08. Sleep Chamber (USA) – “Way ov the flesh“ (Inner-X-Musick, 1990) 10.46

09. Die Form (FR) – “Masochist” (Terrace&Maky, 1984) 14.16

10. Dead Tech (USA) – “Catalavox” (Complacency,1985) 15.58

11. Christiane F. (G) – “Wunderbar” (Posh Boy Records, 1982) 17.23

12. Esplendor Geométrico (SP) – “Arizona 1962” (Geometrik, 1996) 19.43

13. Illusion of safety (USA) – “Everythings” (Ladd-Frith, 1990) 23.00

14. Negativland (USA) – “Car bomb” (SST Records, 1987) 26.08

15. Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese (G) – “Incorporeal” (Ant-Zen, 1996) 27.46

16. Ancient Methods (G) – “The whip” (RSB, 2009) 31.13

17. Elisabeth Marta Hilgenberg (G) – “Eillet o schmertz” (Burgus kollektion, 2014) 33.01

18. Étant Donnés & Sol Ixent (FR) – “Sparkle 1” (From the movie ‘La Vie Nouvelle’,Philippe Grandrieux, 2002) 35.35

19. Dr.Numa (JAP) – “Story of the moon” (Negative Emission, 1993) 37.05

20. Logo (B) – “Businessmen” (USA Import Music, 1988) 40.25

21. Dark Day (USA) – “Nudes in the forest” (Plexus Usa, 1982) 45.16

22. Club Moral (B) – “I am perverse” (Cthulhu Records, 1989) 47.54

23. The Gerogerigegege (JAP) – “Water Business” (Transrecords, 1988) 50.02

24. D.M.A.D.T. (G) – “Highteck industrie” (Cat Killer Tapes, 1990) 51.02

25. Das Kombinat (G) – “Massenmörder” (Block 4 Tapes, 1991) 52.10

26. Muslimgauze (UK) – “Izlamabad Carpet Boy” (Staalplaat, 2000) 54.20

27. Esplendor Geométrico (SP) – “Disco-Mitrak” (Linea Alternativa, 1991) 56.34

28. Mechthild von Leusch (G) – “Rungholter tanz 10” (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, 1990) 57.38

29. Hybryds (B) – “Octahedron (loop)” (3rio Art, 1988) 01.00.06

30. Yximalloo (JAP) – “Militarrhythm” (Sakura Wrechords, 1986) 01.01.26

31. Negativland (USA) – “Truth in advertising” (Eerie Materials, 1997) 01.01.59


32. Lotte Lenya (G) – “Seeräuber Jenny” (From the movie ‘Die Dreigroschenoper’, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, 1931) 01.05.06

33. Raquel De Grimstone (USA) – “Art thou black” (Mirex, 2002) 01.08.00

34. Sada ft. Sensational (B/USA) – “Obscene/This is how I get down” (SSTMKS, 2011) 01.10.10

35. Venetian Snares (CAN) – “Cruel whole” (Abelcain remix) (Isolate records, 2000) 01.12.13

36. Kubus (NL) “Untitled” – (unreleased, from the artist, 2014) 01.14.44

37. Hypnoskull (B) – “Big in the anger” (Fast Lane Enterprises, 2015) 01.16.16

38. Hellfish (UK) – “My style” (Deathchant, 2008) 01.18.52

39. Maruosa (JAP) – “Fatman” (Renda, 2007) 01.20.56


40. Hildegard Knef (G) – “Insel meiner Angst” (Stern Musik, 1970) 01.22.10

41. Ruth Crawford Seeger (USA) – “Three chants (for an angel) composed 1930” (Deutsche Grammophon, 1997) 01.24.48

42. Casper Brötzmann Massaker (G) – “Koksofen” (Our Choice, 1993) 01.25.22

43.Klangkrieg (G) – “Der schönste Tag” (FünfUndVierzig, 1993) 01.29.00

44. Pornosect (UK) - “Ritual of protection” (Parade Amoureuse, 1989) 01.31.53

45. m² (G) – “The cry of Morgoth” (Ant-Zen, 2003) 01.33.02

46. Pahom i Vivisector (RUS) – “Kalendarik” (Восход, 2008) 01.35.09

47. Kraken (B) – “Waar handen falen” (Raubbau, 2010) 01.38.56

48. Einstürzende Neubauten (G) – “Die Hamletmaschine (Das Europa der Frau)” (The Grey Area, 1991) 01.41.20

49. 33MHZ (B) – “The sewers” (Special arts festival, 2014) 01.43.52

50. Étant Donnés with Michael Gira (FR/UK) – “Offenbarung Und Untergang by Georg Trakl” (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, 1999) 01.47.47

51. Stein (G) – “Berlin Den [13.6.94]” (Our Choice, 1994) 01.52.14

52. The Brontë sisters on fire (B): “Death”(comp. Michiel De Malsche) (Composer’s archive, 2009) 01.54.52

53. Mary Jo Davis (USA) – “Black Jack Davey” (33MHZ remake) (Ethnic Folkways Library, 1959) 01.57.01

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