Secret Thirteen Mix 175 - Inner8


Inner8 is a project from Berlin-based Italian artist Daniele Antezza, a co-founder of Artefacts Mastering studio and one half of the Dadub duo, which is renowned for crafting deeply immersive and subtly dark techno soundscapes (Daniele’s interview for the journal can be found here). With Inner8 Daniele takes his sonic explorations even further. His debut self-titled album, which came out on the Undogmatische label, is not the easiest one to classify. Leaving aside the rules of any particular genre, it dives into diverse stylistic territories ranging from the sharp dreamy drones heard on “Eudaemonia” or “Disambient” to industrialised harsh rhythm attacks on “Praxis” or tribalistic pulsations on “Exertion”. It is an in-depth, intellectual and emotional exploration of sounds and atmospheres. Daniele is also starting his new label Holotone, with a launch party taking place on 30th January in Kantine am Berghain. His new EP “Tetramorph” is also coming soon. This mix might be thought of as a nice entry point for Daniele’s new label and forthcoming activities, because it includes quite a few artists from the label’s future roster. Some of them will perform at the Kantine am Berghain launch party.

Secret Thirteen mix 175 is a coherent journey through many diverse forms of electronic music. Starting off with heavy and dense droney soundscapes, it goes from the noisy/lo-fi manipulations by Ina Ynoki to the sharply playful crystalline IDM melodicism of Sofus Forsberg (“Hallo” is truly a gem akin to early Autechre or the best works of Arovane). It also includes four rare tracks by S13, the project of our founder Justinas Mikulskis. The latter add additional rhythmic undertones by bringing some distorted drum’n’bass into the game. The mood of the selection subtly fluctuates from sheer piercing sonics (pair of GRÜN tracks) to soft ambient interludes (a beautiful transition from Mick Harris’ illbient beats to the shiny - feel-good warmth of Fennesz or the short closing piece by aforementioned GRÜN). It grips the right balance between the tension, the structured climax and the calm denouement. It also showcases lots of exclusive unreleased material. In terms of interweaving moods, shifting rhythm patterns and thick multilayered sound the mix reminds one of Giacomo Balla’s pictures from the “Iridescent Interpenetration” series.


01. Linus Gabrielsson - Momentum [Unreleased]
02. S13 - Part 2 (Lower) [Unreleased]
03. Inner8 - Eudaemonia [Undogmatisch]
04. S13 - Part 1 (Upper) [Unreleased]
05. Sofus Forsberg - Cir_Tan_Perciper2 [Unreleased]
06. GRÜN - Fioritura [Dromoscope]
07. GRÜN - Fotosintesi [Dromoscope]
08. Sofus Forsberg - Hallo [Jenka Music]
09. Sofus Forsberg - SåDetKu [Jenka Music]
10. Eucymea - Driftat II [Unreleased]
11. S13 - Mono [Blikmuzik]
12. S13 - Wide Eyes [Blikmuzik]
13. Sofus Forsberg - So Alone [Jenka Music]
14. Trevor Wishart - Tongues of Fire [Orpheus The Pantomime]
15. GRÜN - Danza Linfatica [Dromoscope]
16. Sofus Forsberg - Plantage - Under Byen [HWrok-mix] [Jenka Music]
17. Ina Ynoki - Exit Beirut [Unreleased]
18. Ina Ynoki - Cassette Mix1 [Unreleased]
19. Mick Harris - Sidewalk [Hidden Art]
20. Fennesz - Caecilia [Editions Mego]
21. Alexander Stone - Demistification [Unreleased]
22. Linus Gabrielsson - Something, Beyond Everything, That Words Cannot Describe [Unreleased]
23. Inner8 + Koichi Shimizu - Aufhebung [Holotone]
24. GRÜN - Deep Green [Dromoscope]

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Paulius Ilevicius is a Secret Thirteen journalist, editor and occasional DJ focusing on more dreamy and melancholic soundscapes. Born in post-industrial town of Pavevezys, currently he lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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