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Psyche - Secret Thirteen Mix

Dark musical roots that reflect all ups and downs of the humanity - the one and only influential mix by the legendary Psyche.

The author of the mix is Darrin C. Huss, a Canadian musician and the founding member of the enduring music group Psyche currently based in Germany. Darrin and his brother Stephen launched the project in the end of 1982, after their extreme debut performance in Canada. Darrin was often talk-singing and shouting over the music half-naked. Another interesting fact is that the band’s name emerged from B-Side of Killing Joke's “Wardance” single.

During the last 30 years of resistant existence Psyche has released over 10 studio albums and numerous singles, EPs, compilations, videos and DVDs. Their outstanding and devoted musical input to at that time still developing genres like synth-pop and darkwave definitely influenced an upcoming bands, exploring and reinventing the same dark, depressive and melancholic music scene.

Psyche’s work includes various motives of cold harsh industrial, dreamy synthesizers’ melodies, delicate electronic pop consonances, minimalistic or mostly repetitive dancefloor beats and beyond. The lyrics and the overall mood are mainly build on Darrin’s influences of horror or thrilling stories from books and movies. Such albums as “Insomnia Theatre”, “Unveiling The Secret” and “Mystery Hotel” or “The Influence” are the good starting point to know, explore and experience band’s ideas and original primary sound for which they could be named as one of the most influential icons of synth-pop music.

Moreover, from time to time the core of the band was joined by David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach and Remi Szyszka who jointly applied their musical ideas and skills to develop the overall sound of Psyche. Psyche has toured with an impressive collection of bands - Clan of Xymox, Alien Sex Fiend, Die Form, Suicide and many more. However, at the moment Psyche is mainly a solo project, which continues to record and perform unique blend of dark electronic music throughout Europe as well as many territories around the world.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 138” is a diverse mix by Psyche containing 28 timeless and influential records originally released between 1975 and 1985. The mix was originally named “From The Outside In”. It reflects the early stage of the band when Darrin and his brother were still polishing their musical concept. Darrin was keen enough to prepare an introduction text where he sincerely explains the background behind the mix.

Psyche about the mix:

"From The Outside In" is a collection of music and artists exclusively from the early 80's that inspired the music, and style of Psyche at the time it was founded with my brother Stephen and I. For myself, the original concept of what was called "new wave" meant freedom from standard rock sound structure, and songwriting rules. It meant you could bend, or reinvent what could be considered melodic or appealing regardless of your choice of musical instruments. Of course for Psyche, the invention of the synthesizer, and drum machine was a major component in the influence of our sound. The songs, and a few instrumentals I have chosen here represent a certain unparalleled uniqueness in their artistic value. Not only do many of the performers have their own unmistakable vocal, but also choose to present their lyrics or message with unprecedented individuality. A few of them have managed to stay on their path without giving in to more commercially viable passages, but unfortunately this is not the case for all artists. I have a few other favourites not in this mix, but I wanted present the listener with the directest possible sounds that make up the soul of what Psyche would become. In many cases my song selection represents the peak track (in my opinion) of some of these artists’ achievements. Examples are "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson, "This Wreckage" by Gary Numan perhaps also "Bird Song" by Lene Lovich. These songs contain nearly 100% the aspects of style and message that the artist stood for within the one track. My choice of "Soul Inside" by Soft Cell however was hard to make, as I am obviously a fan of nearly every track from them, however I felt that this one also gets to the whole point of Soft Cell's expression in one song.

"Patrick" by Goblin is in fact the blueprint for what became Psyche's "Eternal". Despite the Eurythmics very commercial success with subsequent albums, and mediocre rock ballads, the song "Aqua" from the "Touch" album shows a very subtle creativity, and strong melancholia that has continued throughout Annie Lennox's solo output. One can have all the success in the world, and still write some of the most suicidal lyrics if the darkness in their soul is so inclined. Thus, it is this infernal searching within life that appeals to me most. The sorrow, the introspection, and sometimes even the horrors that can only be conquered through musical output or artistic expression that communicates to others, and perhaps satiates the wounded spirit with momentary audio pleasure. Special mention goes to Siouxsie And The Banshees and The Cure who of course fit the setlist as well, but what you are listening to here was more intensely hardwired to my system as I developed my own direction from the outside in.

Darrin C Huss , November, 2014

PS. "Foolish Heart" by Psyche is the only non 80's track ironically, but somehow seems to contain many aspects of the music I enjoy within the sound and lyrics to this song. Special thanks to Per-Anders Kurenbach for that one. We survived the 90's after all!


1. Cabaret Voltaire - Seconds Too Late [Rough Trade, 1981]
2. Lene Lovich - Bird Song [Stiff Records, 1979]
3. Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet) [Warner Bros. Records, 1981]
4. Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders [EG, 1981]
5. John Foxx - Metal Beat [Metal Beat, 1980]
6. Nash The Slash - Swing Shift (Flexi-Version) [Smash Hits! Magazine, 1981]
7. Tangerine Dream - Rubycon Part 1 (excerpt) [Virgin, 1975]
8. The Cramps - TV Set [Illegal Records, 1980]
9. Captain Beefheart - Ashtray Heart [Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2012] org. 1981
10. Chrome - Static Gravity [Beggars Banquet, 1980]
11. Anne Clark - Wallies [Ink Records, 1985]
12. Båuhåus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel [4AD, 1980]
13. Fad Gadget - Swallow It [Mute, 1981]
14. Soft Cell - Soul Inside [Some Bizzare, 1983]
15. The Durutti Column - The Missing Boy [Factory, 1981]
16. Danielle Dax - Pariah [Awesome Records, 1984]
17. The Flying Lizards - Hands 2 Take [Virgin, 1981]
18. Eurythmics - Aqua [RCA, 1983]
19. Goblin - Patrick [Cinevox, 1979]
20. Gary Numan - This Wreckage [Beggars Banquet, 1980]
21. Public Image Ltd. - Flowers Of Romance [Virgin, 1981]
22. Kate Bush - Under Ice [EMI, 1985]
23. Pylon - Gravity [DB Recs, 1980]
24. Tuxedomoon - The Cage [Les Disques Du Crépuscule, 1983]
25. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal [Virgin, 1981]
26. Blancmange - Game Above My Head [London Records, 1983]
27. Psyche - Foolish Heart [Metropolis, 2004] org. 1991-2003
28. Joy Division - Decades [Factory, 1980]

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