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Modeo music mix review

Modeo’s cold apocalyptic industrial, techno and dark ambient mix will take you from the depths of space to the end of the Earth (listen/download now)

Modeo is an experimental/techno project of Máté Sándor, a member of the rich Hungarian industrial techno scene. He has released numerous EPs, most notably Purist Baptist on Audioexit records in 2014 and Isimura on Labrynth records, as well as the 2014 full length Razan’s City on Subsist Records. His newest album is ready to be released as a double LP in 2016, so make sure you watch out for it! Modeo’s rich and layered cinematic sound is laced in asymmetric rhythms and complex audio collages, breaking the prevailing boundaries of the genre. It is inspired by two themes in particular - the vast emptiness of space and science fiction dystopia. The latter is also clearly present in his work as part of the art community Technologie und das Unheimliche, which uses installation art with an emphasis on sound to explore themes of relation between the individual and the state, and the condition of man in postmodern societies. His mix for Secret Thirteen echoes these inspirations to give us an hour of dark beats and cold atmospheres.

Secret Thirteen Mix 174 is Modeo’s very thoroughly compiled industrial, techno and dark ambient soundtrack for the devastation of Earth. In creating it, he was inspired by Black Rain and Shapednoise’s collaborative EP, Apophis, which is part of the name of a potentially dangerous asteroid - Apophis 2029 - and David Jensen’s nature photography, which documents lonely images of natural extremes as scenes of a post-impact Earth. This selection is a great representation of the current tendencies of industrial techno and it’s many forms. Rather appropriately, the journey starts in the otherworldly noise of Ceres, Modeo’s unreleased track, and continues through the unforgiving sonic waves emitted by Peder Mannerfelt’s “Acid Drop” into the eye of the storm filled with a number of seamlessly mixed tracks by Ike Yard, Dasha Rush, Emptyset and others. Finally, through Ancestral Voices’ Medicina we reach Earth where the soundtrack turns towards Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ string-filled nightmare of a track, “The Cannibals”, taken off the OST for the 2006 ecranisation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. After being ripped apart by Trepaneringsritualen and The Body we finally reach the conclusion - the wintry melancholy of Prurient’s “Christ Among The Broken Glass” which fades away into nothingness. This is an extremely detailed piece of work, the dynamics of the sound are truly exquisite and the way tracks flow into each other will leave you wondering whether the originals really sounded anything like they do here.


01. Modeo - Ceres (Intro) [Unreleased]
02. Shapednoise - Escalation [Type Rec. 2015]
03. Modeo - Interference (short version) [Unreleased]
04. Shapednoise - What is It Like? [Type Rec. 2015]
05. Talker - Meniscus (feat. Kerridge) [Downwards, 2014]
06. Samuel Kerridge - Paint it Black [Blueprint, 2014]
07. Peder Mannerfelt - Acid Drop [Peder Mannerfelt, 2015]
08. Deapmash - Breakness [Soul Notes Rec., 2015]
09. Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version) [Blackest Ever Black, 2015]
10. Roberto Crippa - Spectrum [We Can Elude Control, 2014]
11. Dasha Rush - Space Privet for Cosmonauts [Raster-noton, 2015]
12. Emptyset - Medium [Subtext, 2012]
13. Koenraad Ecker - Stuffed Men [Digitalis Rec., 2014]
14. James Ginzburg & Yair Elizar Glotman - Nimbes [Subtext, 2014]
15. Ancestral Voices - Medicina [Samurai Horo, 2015]
16. Pact Infernal - Circle I (Limbo) [Samurai Horo, 2015]
17. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Cannibals [Mute Rec. 2009]
18. Yaporigami - Hiatus [Detroit Underground, 2015]
19. Trepaneringsritualen - Judas Goat [Fang Bomb, 2013]
20. The Body - Hail to Thee, Everlasting Pain [The Body, 2014]
21. O/H - Bleed Down [Opal Tapes, 2015]
22. O/H - All Flesh [Inner Surface Music, 2015]
23. Killawatt - Flustercuck [Osiris Music, 2015]
24. Vatican Shadow & Cut Hands - We Hunger (Vatican Shadow Remix) [Handmade Birds, 2015]
25. Prurient - Christ Among the Broken Glass [Profound Lore Rec., 2015]

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