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Heavy metal is a vast and diverse world. A huge family tree with multiple branches, among which maybe black metal shall be one of the most radical, underground and experimental. Although this genre has always been closely linked to Scandinavian bands, like Mayhem, Burzum or Dimmu Borgir, “Lowgazers” has been made in France. The album (LP/CD), which has been written and composed by Plebeian Grandstand, will be released by Throatruiner Records (Cassette edition by BLWBCK) on 31 March.

Since their debut in 2010, “How Hate Is Hard To Define”, fans have been patiently awaiting a new full-length. Four years, but fortunately and finally Plebeian Grandstand, after some changes in the band, including the incorporation of a new drummer, have managed to give birth to a second work. “Lowgazers” offers what anyone should expect: sonic violence and headbanging. Whilst their first LP already had a wild and deeply aggressive sound, this one digs deeper into black metal and incorporates elements of grindcore or sludge. “Thrvst”, which is the opening track, represents a total declaration of intent and gives a clear idea of what to expect from the rest of the songs. “Lowlifer” or “Murk Diving”, to mention some, keep an astonishing level of intensity and represent an amazing demonstration of rage. Also, the pieces in this album combine powerful and frantic parts with drone landscapes and agony cries — like in “Endless Craving” — which, altogether, forge a beautifully raw, extreme and devastating journey.

On one hand, unconventional guitars, terrifying vocals and hyper-fast heavy drums transform this work into a storm of distortion, dissonance and brutality. On the other hand, Plebeian Grandstand builds an abrasive atmosphere which would effectively evoke anyone’s worst nightmares. In short, this capacity to create doom metal soundscapes and embed them into black metal/ grindcore structures, and vice versa, is what really makes this band so special. Undoubtedly, the four-piece act from Toulouse has confirmed the high quality and tremendous inspiration their first full-length showed. “Lowgazers” should be a sure bet for any extreme metal lover.

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