Secret Thirteen Mix 001 - Pleq

Pleq - Secret Thirteen Mix 001

Photo by Pszemek Dzienis

“Secret Thirteen Mix 001” is a mixed compilation that consists of twelve separate compositions created between 2010-2011 by Bartosz Dziadosz, known as Pleq, and his colleagues from Japan, Canada, Spain and United Kingdom.

Author of the mix Bartosz Dziadosz - Pleq is an electro-acoustic artist, based in Warsaw, Poland. By connecting ambient, glitch and modern classic musical elements, Pleq extracts his sincere individuality. After releasing thirteen albums and being represented in more than thirteen record labels he now can be called a major figure in the academic music scene.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 001” is a coherent and thoughtful one hour musical line that definitely proves Bartosz complete musical feeling. Extensive piercing atmospheres are drifting through whole work and gently changing their shapes by assimilating even a rustle sounds. Melancholic wide range melodies submerge in the field of contemporary sound while occasionally emerging sublime cello entries and suddenly varying piano chords bring vitality into selection. These delaying field recordings and subtle effects create a perfect fulfillment to the whole.

Pleq creates a significant journey inside your mind and soul where time does not exist. This is an imperishable monument of intelligent sound from the most promising Poland's musician.

01. offthesky & Pleq - Ashes Of American Fags
02. Pleq - Unreleased Exclusive
03. offthesky & Pleq - Desert Of Hours
04. Pleq plus Lauki - Part II
05. offthesky & Pleq - Delicate Exit
06. Pleq plus Marihiko Hara - She Is Stell Asleep
07. Pleq plus Lauki - Part V (Poem by Loulwa Beydoun)
08. Pleq plus Hakobune - III
09. Paper Relics - Fading (Pleq Remix)
10. Pleq plus Lauki - The Gravity Lens (Cut)
11. Pleq & Spheruleus - A Journey Through Unfamiliar Places
12. Pleq - Unreleased Exclusive (Cello by Dave Dhonau)

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