Secret Thirteen Mix 131 - Polar Inertia


Polar Inertia Techno Music

A trance-inducing live recording by Polar Inertia that causes trippy visions of the mind (listen now)

The authors of the live recording are two individuals, building their musical identity under Polar Inertia name. Inspired by an anticipated post-apocalyptic future, the project was born in 2010 and now is based in Paris, France. While closely working with Dement3d Records, Polar Inertia released two solo 12” LPs and one 12” LP with guest remixes made by such artists as Silent Servant, Abdulla Rashim and François X. By hiding their real identities and creating a mystic aura around them through visuals and their expressive, profound and completely hypnotic music Polar Inertia quickly gained listeners attention and support. The duo often involves other multimedia artists and authors in their work through texts, photography, print work, videograms and other mediums. Even though most of the listeners try to stick “techno” label to their production, Polar Inertia reaches much broader audiences. Recently Polar Inertia presented their first solo exhibition at Abilene Gallery in Brussels. Moreover, they have participated in such projects as “Nuit Blanche” in Paris (invited by Beton-Salon), the exhibition "Scenario 21 12" and the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nowadays their intention is to thoroughly explore wider artistic territories and non-rhythmical or noisy soundscapes, experimentations.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 131” is a trance-inducing live recording by Polar Inertia that causes the mind to generate visions of the beautiful, yet deceptive landscape of winter and a kind of surreal depths of the unknown. While starting with a noisy cinematic atmospheres, which could be easily assigned to sci-fi film genre, Polar Inertia gradually incorporates new fluid sounds to develop an enigmatic atmosphere. Frequently appearing tranquil rhythm patterns, occasionally echoing various penetrating sounds and the whole composition, similar to early minimalism movement, radiates with intelligence and uniqueness of the authors. The patient, attentive and wise use of synthesizers and complex modulations clearly shows that Polar Inertia progresses and has much to offer in the future too.

Polar Inertia about their recording

For Secret Thirteen journal we have worked on a special slowed down techno recording in the spirit of the live sets we have did for Polar Inertia’s recent exhibitions in Brussels and CCA, Tbilisi.

A couple of months ago we have changed all our gear and equipment, and collected new machines but somehow never had enough time to meet altogether and wire them. Finally, we have decided to hook up our new musical gear and equipment to improvise the future of Polar Inertia’s sound.

It was one of those studio jams you do not want to rush to. We took our time. Slowed down the tempo to 112 bpm and sent all synths through a multitrack recorder to catch every moment of the jam session. During hours of knob twisting we went through several states of mind and different styles.

What we are sharing with Secret Thirteen readers is an edited version of what happened that night.

Equipment used:

Elektron Analog Rytm
Studio Mixer found in garbage
Reverb + Delay pedal
Modular Synth
Roland & Yamaha Synths
Spring Reverb + Distortion

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