Secret Thirteen Mix 019 - Mike Shiflet

Mike Shiflet - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Ed Luna Sees

“Secret Thirteen Mix 019” is a measured crafted superior musical compilation which strengthens the perception of how variable noise music can be.

The author of the mix is an American veteran performer of noise, drone and experimental music Mike Shiflet who lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. Shiflet’s works can be characterized as patient, creative and sparkling drone compositions comparable with the ones of Fennesz, Kevin Drumm and Oren Ambarchi. He is also a member of C Spencer Yeh's revolving Burning Star Core unit, and a prolific collaborator with persons such as Daniel Menche, Chris Corsano, Pete Swanson amongst others. Shiflet has released an enviable amount of records (tapes, vinyl, cdrs) in the last decade on such labels as Type, Banned Production, Students Of Decay, NNA Tapes and many other. The last two shimmering solo albums on Type Records were critically acclaimed across the globe and thus was increased an attention of intellectual audience even more. Shiflet also ran his own imprint called Gameboy Records where he released many noticeable works. By actively participating in the numerous musical projects Shiflet has shaped a profound intention for tone and texture which makes his records so intriguing to lovers of experimental composition and music making.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 019” is a perceptive musical selection which consists of 13 mental records, including authoritative intellectual music scene acts such as Kevin Drumm, Fennesz, Prurient, Jason Kahn and other notable musicians. The main Shiflet's idea was to connect thirteen timeless masterworks into one chronological (1999-2011) musical perspective. This idea is more than successful because it reveals noise, drone, experimental music technological and ideological progression, also reflects authors’ undisputed musical knowledge. The abyssal emotional line is masterly disclosed by blending unique sounding structures. With all magnificent ambience and mesmerizing background textures this compilation becomes indissoluble chef d'oeuvre.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 019” is like a genuine Ken Price's synthetic polymer paint on fired clay “Flatso” where dense distinct formations perfectly fill the whole enigmatic figure's surface and even more; it mirrors motives of galaxy’s cluster.


01. 1999. David Ireland & GX Jupitter-Larsen - Anti-Time (Vinyl Communications)
02. 2000. Reynols - Blank Tapes #4 (Trente Oiseaux)
03. 2001. Wolf Eyes - Burn Your House Down (Hanson Records)
04. 2002. Kevin Drumm - Turning Point (Mego)
05. 2003. Keith Rowe & John Tilbury - Oxleay (Erstwhile Records)
06. 2004. Birchville Cat Motel - Buckling Metal Snowflakes [Featuring [Trains] – Robert Gaines] (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
07. 2005. Joe Colley - Rehersal For Highspeed Paralysis (Antifrost)
08. 2006. Ami Yoshida & Christof Kurzmann - Aso #7 (Erstwhile Records)
09. 2007. Jason Kahn - Fields #4 (Cut)
10. 2008. Fennesz - Glass Ceiling (Touch)
11. 2009. Mountains - Map Table (Thrill Jockey)
12. 2010. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Loving Love (Type)
13. 2011. Prurient - Let's Make A Slave (Hydra Head Records)

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