Secret Thirteen Mix 030 - High Wolf


High Wolf - Secret Thirteen Mix 030

“Secret Thirteen Mix 030” is a supernatural musical selection which explores diverse hypnotic rhythmical and atmospheric collisions between thirteen authentic records of such notable artists as Pauline Oliveros, Archie Shepp, Pete Swanson and other talented audio projects.

The author of the mix is Max (unknown surname), better known as High Wolf, a French experimental music artist. Active since 2006, Max has released numerous of records on such record labels as Not Not Fun Records, Holy Mountain, Dekorder, Moamoo and his own shamanistic independed label called the Winged Sun. A lot of people also recognize Max from productive band collaborations with Mr. Neil Campbell on Iibiis Rooge or Voodoo Mount Sister where he fuses psychedelic drone together with Chicaloyoh. An exclusive musical style of Max has promptly become globally recognizable because of his modern view to ritualistic, spiritual compositions. It even could be called a contemporary meditative music there are no religious suggestions and you can everything interpret by yourself. He is a well traveled mysterious person and his cultural knowledge emphasizes and extends the sounding of the music he makes and compiles.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 030” is a mature gently crafted music compilation which should evoke every passionate Columbus of sound. The basis of the selection stands on the principles of variety, the courage of playing different records and on the abyssal emotional balancing. The mix can be associated with many musical styles including Afro-Beat, Psychedelic, Drone, World, Experimental Jazz, Electronics. Nevertheless it can be described as a solid and individual ambience organized by High Wolf. The developing of music is carefully thoughtful and this can catch an attention of every travaler from the very first minute. It is like a journey through the different times and cultures where the sincerity stands first.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 030” is like Fluxus artist’s Dieter Roth's esoteric drawing “Doublehead Viewing Horizon” where numerous spiral lines create an allusion into metaphysical parallel universes and into the whole complex of existence.


01. DVVLLXNS - Xochitl [Shelter Press]
02. Pete Swanson - Positive [Blackest Ever Black]
03. Pauline Oliveros - Bog Bog (Excerpt) [Important Records]
04. Floris Van Hoof - Cycles Of Confusion side B (excerpt) [Kraak]
05. Kunlun - RJ [Audiomer]
06. Bitchin' Bajas - Bajas Ragas [Kallistei Edition]
07. Xiphidae - Pisces Muse Side II (Excerpt) [Stunned]
08. Bear Bones Lay Low - Persona [Kraak]
09. Bola - Burilbunbol Suma [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
10. Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti - Kanaga [Mississippi Records]
11. Archie Shepp - Blasé [Byg Actuel]
12. Sir Richard Bishop - Khajuraho [Drag City]
13. Duane Pitre - Feel Free Installation (Excerpt) [Important]

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