Secret Thirteen Mix 043 - Enrico Coniglio


“Secret Thirteen Mix 043” is an observational audio voyage that leads listener through progressively evolving and immense compositions by such prominent artists as Pauline Oliveros,, Fabio Orsi, Pjusk, Matteo Uggeri, compilation author himself and other uprising talents mostly from Italy.

The author of the mix is Enrico Coniglio (born 1975), Italian guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound sculptor who lives and works in Venice. Coniglio is a part of collaborative projects Aqua Dorsa, Herion, Lemures, Exquisite What, My Home, Sinking and Sens-O-Tape, also a member of AIPS – Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori and FKL Italia – forum per il paesaggio sonoro. Recently with his colleague Leandro Pisano started a digital label Galaverna. Coniglio is interested in experimenting within tonal modulation of ambient music, also field-recording where he explores Venetian surrounding soundscapes. Coniglio has created more than 10 official albums and EPs, many more single works that were released on such respectable labels as Touch, Crónica, Hypnos, Glacial Movements, Psychonavigation, Silentes. He has performed at various festivals and art exhibitions, including Planet Love (Ireland), the Big Chill (UK), Hydrophonia (Spain), Flussi (Italy).

“Secret Thirteen Mix 043” is a remarkable musical selection that connects 10 contemplative records recently released on limited-edition labels such as Preservation, Silentes, Glacial Movements, Nomadic Kids Republic and others. The intro and outro sound is cut from the personal Coniglio's vinyl collection of Venetian folk music. The basis is shaped from the spatial sustained atmospheres, gradually developing wide melodic layers and thoroughly used device effects micro activity in the durable background. A peculiar aesthetic wholeness depth is gained from the wide convex type sounding, solid surrounding recording integration and definitely the most important author's ability to reveal his profound subconsciousness and skillful ears. The tranquil emotional balance is created by subtly artificial acoustics, repetitive variable musical fragments that are drowned in the minimalistic sound tension and lower, lightly distorted tone patterns. This perspective recording can perfectly show recent situation in a field of ambient, drone and light experimental music in Southern Europe.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 043” is like perishing, but somehow romantic Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract painting "Abstraction Blue" where enlarged Alps blossom, seen through magnifying lens, create a mesmerizing and influential reflection of graceful snowflakes, unfolding fairylike flowers or even deceptive mountains relief that is covered with fluffy snow. A momentous personal expression is delivered by a passionate Alps hiker who was inspired by the first snow in autumn and beautifully freezing altitudinal landscape.


00. Secret Thirteen Mix Intro
01. Pauline Oliveros – 1977 Performance, Part 1 [2011, Roaratorio – US]
02. Matteo Uggeri, Luca Mauri, Francesco Giannico – 7:27 am : Morning Frost [2012, Boring Machines – Italy]
03. Alberto Boccardi – Laying On Before [2012, Fratto9 Under The Sky Records – Italy]
04. Giulio Aldinucci – Alpha And Omega [2012, Nomadic Kids Republic – Japan]
05. Pjusk – Fnugg [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
06. Pjusk – Gneis [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
07. Attilio Novellino – Lost Days [2012, Small Doses – US]
08. – -32°F Porcelain , Metal & Ice [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
09. Enrico Coniglio – Century Dome [2011, Silentes – Italy]
10. Fabio Orsi – Naked Trance [2011, Preservation – Australia]
00. Secret Thirteen Mix Outro

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