STM 049 - Steve Roden

STM 049 - Steve Roden

Photo from artist's personal archive

This sincere and eclectic mix by Steve Roden includes ethnographic, folk, ‘60s garage psych, african funk, ‘70s soul and much more from his parents’ vinyl collection.

The author of the mix is Steve Roden, an American visual and sound artist from Los Angeles. His work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation and performance. In over a decade Roden has released numerous records on such notable labels as Line, 12k, Fällt, Korm Plastics and many more. During the working process Roden uses various forms of specific notation (words, musical scores, maps, etc.) and translates them through self invented systems into scores, which then influence his paintings, drawings, sculpture, and sound composition.

Secret Thirteen Mix 049 is a priceless music selection that connects 24 vinyl (7") records released between the 1960s and 1980s. A magical and slightly schizophrenic journey through times and cultures with expressive audio works from 15 different, mostly distant and exotic countries, such as Thailand, Ethiopia, Angola, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Turkey. The music has a lot of importance in Steve’s personal life: "this set is a selection of some of my favorites: records i would play for you if you visited my home".

This is a sincerely-crafted eclectic and exciting compilation with a perceptible flavor of ethnographic music, ‘60s garage psych, african funk, ’70s soul and beyond. The basis of the mix stands on powerful accents such as frequently vibrating groove, the sound of guitar, syncopation, funk and especially a feeling of melancholy. The occasional soothing surface noise enriches the whole with the warmth of feeling that these records have played tons of times. Steve’s selection should upgrade the library of every passionate music lover with some beautiful and timeless records.

Secret Thirteen Mix 049 is like Richard Pousette-Dart’s enigmatic abstract painting, Bird in the Wind, where subtle archaic architectural fragments and mesmerizing symbols create a fictional narrative about life’s discoveries, significance and environmental beauty.

Reveal Playlist
01. Alessandro Mendini / Alchimia On Disenio - Architettura Sussurrante / Non Lo So [1981, Red Vinyl, Metro Records, Italy]
02. C.K. Mann & His Carousel 7 - Ennye Nne [70’s, Taga Records - Ghana]
03. Thepporn - Pakarnotor [60’s, label – unknown - Thailand]
04. The Twilights - I’m Waiting For You [60’s, Cardinal Records - Belgium]
05. James Stallcup & The Flairs - Sad Feeling [1961, Le Cam Records - USA]
06. Dawson Smith - I Don’t Know If I Can Make It [1974, Scepter Records - USA]
07. Wulomei - Gyae Nsa Nom [70's, Agoro Records - Ghana]
08. David McNeil - Group Captain Crash [1972, Saravah - France]
09. The Temprees - Explain It To Her Mama [1972, we produce records, usa]
10. Mavi Isiklar - Bumble Bee [1966, sayan records, istanbul]
11. Various - Musique Polynésienne [1960’s, editions de la boite a musique, france]
12. Carlos Burity - Ixi Iami [early 1970’s, ngola records, angola] 13. Les Abranis - Chenar Le Blues [early 1970’s, bordj el phen records, algeria] 14. Muluken Melesse - Bemister Kiberign [1972, philips, ethiopia]
15. Various - Sahara: Chants De Touareg Ajjer [1960’s, le chante du monde, france]
16. 14 - Frosty Stars O A Wondow-Pane [1960’s, olga records, sweden]
17. Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys - You’re What’s Happening [1970’s, todddlin’ town records, usa]
18. Mary Nucktie & Wina Mukiyodk - Throat Music [1979, CBC broadcast recording, canada]
19. Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul [1971, king records, nashville, tn]
20. M. Ishak - Bahagia [1960’s, play boy records, malaysia]
21. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - Ke Amon – Gbetchea [1970’s, l.a. aux acoutes, nigeria]
22. Leo Osoak - Aiya Surli tikiatasanga (The Time I Arrive) [1979, CBC broadcast recording, canada]
23. Los Gatos Negros - Un efecto Estrano [1960’s, vergara records, spain]
24. Detroit Emeralds - I’ll Never Sail the Sea Again [1972, westbound records, usa]

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