Secret Thirteen Mix 069 - Conor Thomas

Conor Thomas - Secret Thirteen Mix

Photo by Dan Mumberson

“Secret Thirteen Mix 069” is a thoughtfully selected and one shot recorded complex music compilation, that connects 20 vinyl records released between 1981 and 2013. Original works by such honored artists as Bruce Gilbert, Muslimgauze, Wolfgang Voigt, Eliane Radigue, Leyland Kirby, Vatican Shadow, Raime and other talents clearly mirror solidity and longevity of the mix. These masterworks not only enrich the whole contemporary narrative with an elaborate sound textures and diverse production techniques, but also balance its fundamental emotional and ideological foundation.

The author of the mix is Conor Thomas, Manchester (England) based alternative electronic music DJ, promoter and analyst. Thomas musical career has begun as a DJ since his teens. He started working at Pelicanneck Records and, subsequently, entered one of the world’s leading independent music store (2004-present). Thomas is also hosting the notable Ploy and Faktion events. He has booked kaleidoscopic live acts and DJ's such as Omar Souleyman, Group Doueh, Sublime Frequencies, Hieroglyphic Being, Black Rain and many others. Thomas has been gigging between Berlin, London and Manchester. He is mainly recognizable from the Blackest Ever Black events and numerous Unknown To The Unknown raves, as well as DJing opening set at Berghain for CTM's Death Of Rave event. In 2012 Thomas co-founded a very promising The Death Of Rave label which has presented such artists as Mark Leckey, Powell and Kareem. Also, in 2012 Thomas began working as A&R in Boomkat Editions.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 069” is a versatile audio selection that excites the imagination, expands the horizons of music and touches each high-quality and unique music lover’s subconsciousness. The basis stands on the obscure cinematic ambiance, often emerging variable rhythmic patterns and constantly shifting micro percussions. Actually, the mix hides much more than common experiments and compositional structures. Each track deserves indepth analysis as characteristics of each creation have a wide palette of individual sound accents, that need time to be fully absorbed. By starting with transcendental and abstract music Conor Thomas gradually and leisurely develops it into a dynamic and unexpected wholeness. While exploring symbiosis between enigmatic soundscapes and nebulous rhythmic, Conor Thomas exemplary connects different styles of music, which range from experimental, ambient to tribal, industrial and other original electronica. It is important to mention that the opening track by Rashad Becker is still forthcoming on Bill Kouligas PAN label. Also, Thomas has included Mark Leckey's “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore”, which was released on his own imprint The Death Of Rave. This influential voyage has everything that could be needed for an inquisitive listener: musical depth, intensity and innovation.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 069” is like a deliberate Suprematism art painting “Lineare Composition” by Lyubov Popova, where distinct artistic trajectories in abstract form creates impression, analytical thinking condition and peculiar tension. The canvas surface, similar to the mix background, is an energy field of overlapping and intersecting angular planes in a constant state of potential release of energy. Conor Thomas’ mix stands more as a projection of material reality and its impression than as a personal expression of a metaphysical reality. Mix definitely reflects Conor Thomas’ constantly expanding musical knowledge, dexterity, sensation and enthusiasm.


01. Rashad Becker - Themes 2 [PAN, forthcoming 2013]
02. Ghédalia Tazartès - Cordes [Von, 2012]
03. Hecker - شیمرسازی - Side B Excerpt [Editions Mego, 2012]
04. Vatican Shadow - Nightforce Scopes [Modern Love, 2012]
05. Muslimgauze - Cahcot [Limited Editions, 1986]
06. Powell - 09 [Diagonal, 2011]
07. Wolfgang Voigt - Du Musst Nicht Sagen (Informel Mix) [Profan, 2012]
08. Craig Leon - Donkeys Bearing Cups [Takoma, 1981]
09. Bruce Gilbert - Eline Cout II [Mute, 1986]
10. Members Only - Jack The Floor (Edit T21) [Members Only, 2012]
11. Loefah - Horror Show [DMZ, 2004]
12. Raime - If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are [Blackest Ever Black, 2010]
13. Wasteland - Untitled [Transparent, 2004]
14. Mark Leckey - Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore [The Death Of Rave, 2012]
15. Leyland Kirby - Eventually, It Eats Your Lungs [History Always Favours The Winners, 2011]
16. Bellows - Untitled [Holidays Records, 2012]
17. Richard Youngs - Rurtain (Shonny Don) [Alter, 2012]
18. Chasing Voices - Acidbathory [Preserved Instincts, 2010]
19. Consumer Electronics - Oily Possibilities [Hand To Mouth, 2009]
20. Eliane Radigue - Stress-Osaka (June 1969) [Alga Marghen, 2012]

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