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The author of the mix is Stephen Vitiello (b. 1964, New York), the American electronic musician, multimedia artist and curator, who lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. Over the last 2 decades Vitiello has collaborated with such musicians as Scanner, Pauline Oliveros, Frances-Marie Uitti, Andrew Deutsch, Steve Roden, Machinefabriek and Yasunao Tone and visual artists including Nam June Paik, Tony Oursler, Julie Mehretu, Joan Jonas and Eder Santos. His numerous records were released on such respectable record labels as 12k, Sub Rosa, Crónica and others. Vitiello had a honour to perform at locations such as Tate Modern, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, The Kitchen, The Cartier Foundation and others. Also, he participated in both solo and group exhibitions at the world's most leading modern art venues such as MASS MoCA, The High Line, Museum 52, MoMA PS1, The 15th Biennale of Sydney and others. Vitiello was awarded with Creative Capital (2006) and Guggenheim Fellowship (2011-2012). Vitiello is currently an associate professor in the Kinetic Imaging department at Virginia Commonwealth University. In order to find out more about him you can watch this influential documentary "Stephen Vitiello: Listening With Intent", that was produced in 2011 by ABC-TV, Australia.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 071” is an entertaining and a very kaleidoscopic music selection that connects 19 extraordinary audio recordings. It contain mellow works from honorable musicians such as Steve Roden, Smog, Aphex Twin, Four Tet and many other talents. Mix concept is to reveal and present original pieces, that includes children main and back vocals or digitalized and deformed vocal particles. It is the first compilation in the world of such type, that presents kids vocals in such a diverse, solid and contemporary way. From the stylistic perspective Vitiello merges music ranging from spoken word, experimental, rock to lo-fi, leftfield, psychedelic and other unique formations. The development of the mix is thoughtful, accurate and emotive. From intuitive and improvisational creations to skilled arrangements and intimate recordings this masterwork stands as an interactive and interdisciplinary installation. Weaved cinematographic compositions and cuts from films such as Fritz Lang's "M" or Hitchcock's "The Birds" shows that Vitiello is a passionate movie enthusiast too.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 071” is like a figurative Ed Garman's abstract expressionistic drawing “No.243 - 1946”, where playful geometric patterns and arrangements evokes imagination, empathetic responses and comfort. A conceptual exploration of movement and stillness deeply impresses. Garman's work could mirror Vitiello's mix as they both create the first impression of playfulness, but with the abyssal implication and ideology that gradually expands after some concentration to each single detail in the whole complex composition. The mix clearly shows Vitiello's musical sophistication, absolute individuality and truthfulness. This mix should enrich each die-hard music lover audio library, who says that music in these times are boring and there is nothing to be discovered.

Stephan Vitiello wanted to say 'Thank You' especially to Steve Roden, John Dombroski, Raewyn Martyn, Dan Rowe and Ben Hewer!

Show Playlist
1. Sugarcube, by Yo La Tengo, performed by Elysian Charter School Chorus (from youtube)
2. No Dancing, Smog, from the CD "Knock Knock"
3. No More Mosquitoes, Four Tet, from the CD "Pause"
4. Little Girl, Little Girl, from "Field Recordings Vol 3, Mississippi"
5. Nuclear War (Version 2), Yo La Tengo, from the the EP "Nuclear War"
6. Bad Leroy Brown, performed by Steve Roden, (recorded 1973)
7. Rumpus, Karen O and the Kids, from the CD "Where the Wild Things Are"
8. Hit the Ground Running, Smog, from the CD "Knock Knock"
9. Shortenin' Bread, from "Field Recordings Vol 3, Mississippi"
10. To Cure a Weakling Child, Aphex Twin, from "Richard D. James Album"
11. All Is Love, Karen O and the Kids, from the CD "Where the Wild Things Are"
12. Sleeping Children, music by Walter Schumann, from the movie "The Night of the Hunter," directed by Charles Laughton
13. Come to Daddy [Little Lord Fauteroy Mix], Aphex Twin, from the EP, "Come to Daddy"
14. Children from the movie, "The Birds," directed by Alfred Hitchcock
15. Boys Chorus (La Sui Monti Dell'est), Malcolm Mclaren, from the CD "Fans"
16. Children in the movie "M," directed by Fritz Lang
17. Gesang Der Juenglinge, Karlheinz Stockhausen, from "Karlheinz Stockhausen : Song Of The Youths"
18. Space Oddity, David Bowie, performed by The Langley Schools Music Project from the CD "Innocence and Despair"
19. Closing commentary by Georgia (circa 2002)

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