ST Mix 073 - Mark Fell

Mark Fell of SND music artist

Mark Fell at Lake Biwa 2014. Photo by Aoki Takamasa

A mellow selection of early house music by Mark Fell of SND, showcasing musical influences that have helped to shape the artist's solo works.

The author of the mix is Mark Fell (b. 1966), a British electronic music producer, sound sculptor, curator and installation artist who lives and works in Sheffield (UK). After studying film and video art at the local polytechnic, Fell returned to his earlier interests in computational technology, digitized sound and multi-disciplinary arts.

Fell works with inventive technologies, sound, image and interaction, bringing together interests in experimental electronic music, computer science, contemporary art and philosophy. Fell's mathematical creations are based on various algorithms, synthesized sound textures and rotational, micro patterns. Since the late 1990's, Fell has released numerous critically acclaimed releases, both collaborative (SND with Mat Steel) and solo works, on such labels as Raster-Noton, Editions Mego, Mille Plateaux, LINE, PAN, and Alku. Mark also often produces installation pieces using multi-spatial speaker technologies. Fell has performed and had exhibitions at many major international festivals and institutions (such as Sonar, Mutek, Siggraph, Powerhouse, ACMI, ISEA, Hong Kong National Film Archive and many more). He has also worked as a curator of digital music for several international festivals, including lovebytes and Sightsonic in the UK, and the guest curated “The Year of Living Digitally” in Singapore as well as the Algorithm Stage at the Glade Festival (UK).

Secret Thirteen Mix 073 is a mellow selection of tracks that have indirectly shaped Mark Fell's solo works. By using vinyl records and high-quality digital cuts, Fell creates a refined and melodious musical wholeness. Works by North America's house music veterans Chez Damier, Rick Wade, Wayne Gardiner, Lectroluv, Pal Joey and others subtly reflect Fell's inspirations, music collecting passion and sophistication. All of the records used were released between 1990 and 1997. The foundation of this mix is formed by hypnotic organ sounds and deformed synth chords, expressive vocals, and oldschool sampled rhythms. The development and mixing are strict yet the mix is quite emotional.

Secret Thirteen Mix 073 is like Kenneth Noland's abstract painting “Refresh”: a work where pure forms and movement on canvas create a feeling of longevity, aesthetics and gracefulness. Mark Fell's selection perfectly mirrors this painting. It refreshes, inspires and enriches the mind. Highly recommended for all who want to drown in summer moods and harmonies.

Reveal Playlist
01. Chez Damier ‎- Can You Feel It [KMS, 1992]
02. Choo Ables ‎- Hard To Get (B.T.'s Massive Groove) [E-SA Records, 1993]
03. Rick Wade - Night Track [Elevate (US), 1997]
04. Effervescence - Keep It Open (Afterdark Mix) [Hi-Bias Records. 1993]
05. Classic Man '93 - No More Mind Games (Waste No Time Mix) [Nervous Records, 1993]
06. Bassmental - 2 Daye Revisit [Nite Grooves, 1994]
07. Raw Elements - Raw Basics (Inst.) [Final Cut, 1992]
08. Mount Rushmore - The Vibe [Flying International, 1993]
09. Lectroluv ‎- If We Try (Ambient Dub) [Eightball Records, 1992]
10. Pal Joey - Gettin' Hot (Down Low) [Loop D' Loop, 1992]
11. Logic ‎- The Difference [Strictly Rhythm, 1990]

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